17 Aug 2015

One night late November last year, she was feeling very naughty and decided to go live on cam. I must say that this was the first time we tried this and was it a rush for me. She was laying in bed and took her laptop and positioned it on her legs and turned on her cam. Once cam came on she focused it on her breast and slowly started to remove her top, exposing her breasts, nipples hard with the excitement to come.

Immediately the viewers section on the top right hand side of the screen jumped from zero to fifty odd. This seemed to excite her as she started reacting to the incoming messages. The messages mostly from single men started to really get her going. She answered them teasingly and the messages got more and more tempting. She just went on answering whoever tossed questions at her. The more she answered the more daring she became.

After a while she lifted the laptop, opened her legs and put it down between her legs on the bed and positioned it to show between her legs. She then removed her tracksuit pants revealing a cream colored lace G-string panty. The sight of this started to get me all worked up and a felt the rush of blood to my cock. Oh boy I thought here comes the start to a good evening all round for me. I'm going to be a winner.

More and more she answered the messages being thrown at her, the more she typed the squirmier she became. I decided to touch her and boy oh boy, her panties were soaked. I slowly started rubbing her pussy, still in panties. After about five minutes of playing she stopped me and removed her panties. When I say they were wet then believe me they were soaked in the crotch area. She offered them to me by pushing it under my nose, boy the musky smell smell of fresh pussy juice really got me going.

The cam now fully focused on her wet pussy as she started to rub it , stimulating her Clitoris making it all swollen and hard. I bent over her and started licking her her and she started shuddering like crazy, all the time the cam focused on what was happening. She became more and more hornier as I tongued her even harder and faster. The more I licked and sucked the crazier she became until I felt her pussy muscles start to tighten and i knew she was about to come which she did with a loud cry.

I reckon the messages she was getting really got her juices flowing quicker than usual and much heavier, in the eight years that we have been living together I have never felt her so wet. Don't get me wrong, this was an amazing turn on for me. Well now you just imagine the offers we got from this little display.........one in particular was very appealing to her and in no time cell numbers were exchanged and a group chat was started and after a while a date was set to meet..........A story for next time