Written by hotstudkzn

22 Apr 2015

Well here goes... my first entry .... im a young good looking indian guy from kzn and had been down in jozi for the christmas vacation so being alone I decided to head out and not spend my entire holidays with family

It was new years eve

So I got into the shower had a shave and got dressed jeans a nice formal shirt and my dancing shoes not forgetting my hugo boss .... I think a man should smell good after all it could attract some attention...

So off I went driving around and decided well I aint from jozi and dont wana get into any kak so I went to monti casino it was the safest I could think off and didnt want to spoil my night out

Walked around abit played abit at the casino when I was about to leave I saw that news cafe had afew fine women

So I put my game face on walked to the bar and ordered a red bull I dont drink so I thought why not fly haha

Walked around abit was not that big and on my way back to the bar I bumped into the sexiest girl I had that night

Not too short althou I am tall .... cute long black hair sweetest smile and a body I could worship for hours dressed in a black thigh high boob tube dress and heels

Immediately I said sorry held her hand and helped her pass never thought much except I was feeling arrosed just by her looks.

I went back to the bar and chilled out and not long before she was directly across me I had seen her drinking a coctail and told the barmen to send her another and tell her its from me. She raised it up to me smiling and that was my que.....

I walked over greeting her .... exchanged names and chatted for abit afew more drinks and we were chatting like old friends

Time was flying and before I knew it it was around half 12 her friends were on they way out when I offered her to stay alittle longer .... to my suprise she replied "im not leaving I actually booked I here for the weekend...."

My eyes lit up and my cock hardened we sat down spoke for alil longer then took a walk into the casino we touched hands abit and she could she I was attracted to her about 1 I said I must leave may I have your number she replied dont you wana come up to my room .... I was in disbelieve that this was actually happening

We walked up to the lift and went to her room as we got in I closed the door locked it and grabbed her hand as she walkec I to the room pinning her against the door looking deeply I to her eyes I went in for the kill kissing her on the lips passionately I a good kisser and by god so was she exchanging saliva my tongue I her mouth my hands began to wonder and roam her curvaceous body

Her hands on my back I kiss her neck sucking it gently and moving to her shoulders she holds my hand taking me to the bed I unzip her tking off her dress exposing her sexy body

She takes off my shirf at this point my so horny throwing her onto the bed and getting on top I remove the rest off her under wear and kiss her moving lower sucking her tits bitting her nipples gently hearing her release afew moans of pleasure and I caress her tits moving lower I kiss her thighs and start to enjoy my dessert

Licking her sweet clean shaven pussy I lick it.... suck it .... and then eat it like a hungry animal

Slowly fingering her enticed by her now louder moans of pleasure

She pushes me back undoes my jeans and drops my boxers exposing my throbbing cock

She immediately starts to suck on it .... I was In heaven her lips her tongue her mouth it was amazing I take her into my strong arms and get onto her kissing her slowly sliding my cock into her I can still remember the feeling slowly opening her damn she feels so good her legs lifted up and slowly get upto speed

We slow down and she gets ontop of me I guide my cock into her juicy slit and she begins to ride me

He hands on my chest and my hands grabbing her ass watching her tit bounce as she rides me faster and deeper

She moans out loud coming holding onto me tight

She starts sucking me again and Im so horny and we both so wild

I bend her over standing at the side of the bed starting to fu k her deep

Holding onto her shoulders and arching her back fucking her so good im about cum when she take me out j frustrated now and even move turned on I lift her up legs over shoulder and start to suck her slit standing as she starts to suck my hard cock

Then placing her down I lift her up her legs around my waist I slide my cock in feels so good being back I move to the walk pinning her against the wall fucking her mercilessly hearing her moans and screams I go on harder im about to cum and drop her to the floor cumming all over tits and she sucking the rest of me off ....

What a night we exchanged numbers and ..... well thats for another entry

Anyone liked it please leave your comments many thanks

Mr flintstone

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