09 Dec 2013

A night alone together with my partner was long overdo...it has beeh weeks since the las time we had the luxury of evening of bliss and temptation....While he was in the kitchen on the phone ordering the pizza, I was hanging scarves over bedside lamps and laying out our toy collection for a evening of absoloute pleasure and seduction! As he came walking down the passage I lit the handrolled inscense stick from an exotic little Indonesian store in New York. The aroma filled the warm room while the rain pelted against the window pane. Gently laying me on the white linen sheets he placed my hands above my head and wrapped my wrists in silk scarving attached to the bed corners. his breath warm against my naked skin... with his full body weight on me he spread my legs wide with his and proceeded to tie my ankles aswell.

A knock at the door interupted the tension - it was the pizza delivery man. A few seconds later the front door closed and my beloved waved him on his way. The warm air in the bedroom carressed my skin and my senses were heightened with the blindfold on my eyes... lying in the still of the darkness I could hear his footsteps coming down the wooden passage floor- my excitement intensifying for the prospects of the sensual evening ahead... I listened carefully to every step he took... getting closer... my body tensing up with anticipation..... To my shock I could hear another pair of footsteps shortly behind .

My blood started pumping thru my veins and I started to wrenching and wriggling to break free from my restraints. This was never the plan? We agreed to not swop of engage in serious intercourse with another? What was he thinking..? My anger, yet fear was raging in my body and I could feel every muscle straining to escape. My heart pounding in my chest...I could feel two sets of bodies moving onto the bed either side of me. The mattress moved beneath me with the weight of the two people sitting alongide my naked body. A tongue touched my lips soft and gently and ever so moist... sensual in normal circumstances but torturous in this moment of restraint.

Suddenly I became aware of a knee between my legs digging right up inbetween me inner thighs and a hot body resting above my bare breasts. By the weight and the tone of the muscles i could feel it was a man. The smell of cigarette smoke on his breath filled my nose and the hot air from his mouth moved over my neckline. My resistance grew stronger and the need to break free immeadiate. The strange man wriggled ontop of me trying to find his seat. Settling down with an elbow pressed against my breast i felt what felt like a pinprick against the curve of my right breast near the nipple. I flinched as he drew it around and over my breast... as he continued the realisation was that this strange man was drawing all over my naked chest. The swirls were erotic and free with long smooth lines and the pressure of the nib was unbelievable. It was more intense than ever. As he moved across my breast and down my waistline, he took a detour around my navel in the same soft smooth sweeping motions. His cock hard against my inner thighs I became self consciouss with my own scent of arousal filling the room. It permeated the air so intensly that the scent of the inscense was drowned out by the overwhelming scent of anticipation and excitement.

My beloved gently sucklilng my hard rosy nipples and working his warm wet tongue across my heated body.... the artist still drawing spread my legs even further apart with his elbows to continue the sweeping pen motions in between my legs and down into my cleanly shaven snatch. His hot breath now beating against my wet lips... the pen battling to take on the wet silky surface. The pen continued down thru my lips and around my inner thigh ending mid thigh...

Hard as rock he shifted is weight back up towards my chest and copied the same smoth lines wet against my skin the manly breaths sent a cool breeze against my tense hot erotic body.....retracing his steps he continued back down between my thighs spreading them wider than before... milky liquid seeping from inbetween my swollen lips. Two hard cocks against my body, 4 hands caressing my curves and two sets of warm moist mouths working their way against me naked skin.... more than this sensuality a woman could not dream of.

Eyes shut and restrained I felt like the ultimate godess with all this intense male attention. their reponse to my naked body and female scent was orgasmic... Tension and anticipation growing one of the men moved himself quickly up inbetween my legs and with his hard cock shifted himself inside of me. My lips pulsing with his movement up and in against me. The second man moved up towards my head... I could feel the motion of his hand stroking his cock, touching my face gently with his tip. The excitement grew and the tension in the bedroom could be cut with a knife. The strokes inside me grew harder and rougher and the stroking at my head faster and more furious. My body ached with orgasm as I came. Intense and with a cry of pleasure the man inside let out a gasp as he shoved himself inside me for one last taking. Splatters of hot milky liquid spread across my face and breasts from the other.

5 hours of intense pleasure was a never to be forgotten.... My full body Egyptian henna tattoo looks specatcular and will always serve as a reminder of my moment as an egyptian goddess in full bloom........