25 Aug 2016

We are away for the weekend in a secluded cottage in among the vineyards near Franchoek. We return from dinner in the village and embrace in a long lusty kiss as I close the door. My Goddess is really in the mood tonight. I lead her to the bedroom and lower her dress to the floor while gently kissing her neck and caressing her shoulders and arms. I lay her back onto the bed and lean over to kiss her breasts. Her nipples are hard with anticipation, although she has no idea what I have planned for her tonight. I reach under my pillow and pull out 2 lengths of thick sash rope and can hear her breath quicken at the thought of submitting her pleasure to me entirely. I bind her arms up to the headboard and her ankles wide apart and down to either leg of the bed and sit alongside her, admiring her gorgeous form while brushing my hands ever so lightly all over her now motioning body. I blindfold her and kiss her mouth reassuringly. The kiss lingers in the silence of our surroundings.

She hears a car draw closer and stop outside. "Hold on a moment love, I think we may have a guest tonight", I tell her. I notice her body stiffen in surprise then writhe in excitement. She can hear me open the door and welcome him in. He purposely does not talk to reveal his identify but utters a delighted "Mmmm.." as I usher him into the bedroom to reveal her bound and blindfolded, naked form. Her mind races as she tries to think who it might be, fully trusting it would not be a virtual stranger? With her sight negated, and unable to touch with her hands, her other senses go into overdrive, the sound of his footsteps, his breathing, the subtle hint of vaguely familiar cologne.

We sit on either side of her and both start to touch and caress her body. Her body quivers in anticipation. He kisses her lips lightly but withdraws to avoid her recognizing his mouth as she hungrily kisses back. We start to shower her body with sensation, some more familiar, some very new, but all, incredibly delightful. He gets undressed and nestles in between her legs to lick her soaking wet pussy while I lick suck and nibble her nipples. Her back arches in delight and she becomes increasingly vocal, still unsure who this most pleasurable mystery guest is. My cock aches from the excitement at being able to make this a reality for her. There is a violent tug against her restraints as she erupts in glorious orgasm, her body shaking with delight.

He gets up from between her legs, kneels on the bed beside her and lowers his stiffened cock into the palm of her bound hand, allowing her first touch. She grasps and explores it, recognizing its shape and significant size and girth. "Mmm.. I was starting to think it was you", she says with a smile, as she gestures her filled hand towards her mouth to taste him. I nod in his direction, and he loosens the restraints on her wrists allowing her to complete the movement. I unbind her ankles and position myself between her legs so that i can enter her....

What a night! ...