Written by bornready4fun

06 Mar 2013

Being in the lifestyle for a few years now and really going for gold and having so much fun I decided to attend one off Burger’s famous parties again. The friends I have made in this past 5 years are just so amazing and everyone understands and respects that I only need sex and friendship. Decided to go with one of my fuck buddies that wanted more, but that didn’t work so for tonight we just friends that enjoy sex together.

Arriving at burger’s place it doesn’t take long for us all to get naked as we are all happy with ourselves and can appreciate a bump here and there. While me and my friend starts playing on the bed Burger suddenly taps me on the foot and asks if the one guy can join. Peeking through one eye I say yes off course seeing this very attractive robust man with this wicked bokkiebaard. He goes straight down on me while I'm still sucking and fondling my friends shaved cock.

Wow what an amazing feeling this man is really not shy and is making me so horny. The way he sucks and bites on my clit soon have me ecstatic and feeling how I’m getting wetter very fast. Suddenly he enters a finger and increase to two fingers very quickly. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck this feels so amazing and I can feel how my uterus tightens and gushes into a mind-blowing orgasm leaving me trembling for minutes.

Suddenly I can feel my buddies attention isn’t on me anymore and he’s watching this man devouring me and see how I react makes him speechless. After a while I feel how he totally withdraw and leave us to play alone. Sorry being so horny there’s no way I’m going to attend to his jealousy now. Me an this guy starts kissing and boy o boy my legs go numb and seeing stars cant wait to suck on him cause he’s got a beautifully shaved throbbing cock. I go down on him and slowly start to lick around his head wow he tastes divine, and I start gently sucking on his enlarged head and sucking him in to the hilt. Fucking amazing he tastes like heaven and I eagerly go to work on his balls fondling them he’s got this awesome ball sack and feels so velvety.

There’s very little that can arouse me more than a mans reaction when I’m sucking him so off course I go wild when he starts to grunt and moan. Sucking him deep throat and fondling his balls in an exquisite rhythm, I can feel and hear how much he is enjoying it. Just in time he stops me and say he is ready to fuck me hard and fast

After applying his condom he sinks into me hard and deep. Oooooooooooooooo fuck he fills me up so completely and it feels so awesome having him buried deep inside my wet juicy puss and I’m Cumming over and over again. Next minute I feel how everything is expanding and I know I’m very close to a squirt which makes me blush cause this guy don’t know me at all. Holding back is just not an option and I feel how it breaks over me and now he’s hammering even faster and harder with this evil smile on his face. After what felt like ages he suddenly stops and says he can’t go on because my friend is glaring at him the whole time. Damm damm fuck I’m so horny and wanted to feel his cumms gushing deep inside me and now I have to be satisfied with this feeling.

After calming down we get up and I get ready to leave. Very pist off of course. When me and my friend say goodbye I told this guy out loud bokkiebaard for you I will def see again and he grins from ear to ear.

Two weeks later burger phones me and asks if I would mind bringing bokkiebaard with to the party and I said it would be a pleasure. The beginning of a story book romance.

We are together from that day on and living together and everything just falls into place without any effort. I have the first man ever that can satisfy my sexdrive totally and is happy with me the way I am. Never thought this would ever happen to me being single for ten years

Today I can really say I have found my soul mate and the perfect partner for my lifestyle and that’s what makes the lifestyle for us both so great.

Thanks to a wonderful partner I’m the happiest woman in the world.