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19 Feb 2016

a lovely lady


2 minute read

After chatting to the couple on SH and exchanging numbers, we set a date to meet each other. The day came and i met the lady as the husband was away on business. We sat chatting and then she had to leave. We kissed and went our seperate ways. About a week later, the lady contacted me and she invited me to go to her place. The day came and i stopped outside her place. She asked me to park inside her property. I went inside where we sat chatting whilst we had coffee. She then came and stood in front of a body she had. We started kissing and i moved my hands under her bra...mmm....i started to tease her nipples and felt them getting hard. We then moved to the bedroom where we stripped each other and she moved down and started giving me a bj. Feeling her warm mouth on my cock as she slowly moved up and down my shaft was electrofying. I moved to place her on her back. I kissed her then moved my way down, kissing her neck, then moving down to her breasts, teasing both her nipples, them ran my tongue down to her beautiful rose which was wet. I teased her clit, feeling her grow harder with every stroke and flick of my tongue. I probed her open and swollen pussy. Let me just say her juices was sweat. She then put her leg over my head, forcing me to tease her clit harder. Somewhere between all of this i heard her say "if i knew you were this good, i would have invited you the first time we met". After teasing and probing her with my tongue and fingers, i slipped my throbbing cock into her. First with soft gentle strokes then harder deeper strokes. She told me she enjoys it when a guy comes on her clit. I started moving harder and faster until i could feel i was about to cum. She said she had already cum as i pulled out and came on her clit. During all of this, she rook some pictures to tease her husband who was still away on business. Needless to say, we still keep in contact and have had some wonderful 3somes when her hubby was around.

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