Written by Adrian

01 Jul 2018

After a long working week me and June went Saturday morning shopping had a few beers at the local before heading home. June once mentioned she would like to watch me duck another woman in our bed, so I always tease when I see a beautiful lady and ask is she would be the one. June just smiled at me. Not a word said. We headed home and unpacked the car.

Having had a couple a cold beers we headed to the bedroom for a lazy afternoon nap. With the kids at home in front of the Xbox I closed the door for some peace a quite.

Looking at June soft boobs under a loose t-shirt after she had taken off her bar made me a little horny. I could see her hairy pushy underneath het white panty as she dropped her jeans. She got onto the bed next to me and turner her back towards me to take a nap. My now throbbing hard cock pressed against het back. I put my arm around het and softly fondled her breast to make her soft nipple hard in my hand, gently kissing her neck and ears.

I could tell by het body movements that she is getting into the mood. As she rolled onto her back I slipped my hand into her panty and started feeling her hairy pussy. I gently flicked over her clit and down to her now wet pussy. What a warm wet feeling I got.

As I slipped of her panties she softly touched my cock and balls. My cock was sobharx it actually started to hurt and the feeling that it would explode into a volcano of cum.

I went down and hurried my toung in het warm wet pussy and licking all over her clit. The taste of her pussy drove me insane. As I worked up to het clit again she whispered that I should sucking it harder. And harder. By now het clit was swollen about three times the normal size. She was fucking my toung and shoving her pussy in my face. Screaming to bite my Pussy. Bite my swollen clit.

A started to softly bite her clit, then harder and harder. She came so hard in my face I was wet all over. What a great taste she left in my mouth.

Well here is where my luck turned, my hard cock waiting to pound her swollen wet hairy pussy. But she stopped me. Pushed me on my back and started to lick my shaft, I could feel her tongue slowly moving over the veins of my hard cock. She cupped my balls in her hand and put her soft warm lips over my cock she sucked and kicked my cock and I felt like shooting her mouth full of warm cum. But then she stopped. Kissed my chest and softly kissed up to my neck and then down to my tummy again. My cock just started to get soft again after the disappointing bj. But then she pushed a pillow under eat my butt to raise it up. I just followed het lead. She then slowly started kissing my balls and cock. She then spread my buttcheaks and went on the play het tongue all round my butthole. This was the greatest feeling I ever felt. She gave my the best rimmjob and played her tongue in and out of my butthole. My cock was so confused it was still not hard. But the feeling was great. I whispered to hetvtonout n fingering my butt. She grabbed some lube, lubed up a little and WOW, what a great feeling that was when she inserted her finger and started moving it in and out while sucking my limp cock in her mouth. Then so started to massage my prostate and pressed a little harder while teasing my cock in her mount. I came so hard in her mouth without ever being hard. With her finger on my prostate she milked me like i never experienced before. She popped out her finger sucked away on my cum dripping cock now rock hard in her mouth again.

I then turned her around and fucked her from behind. I came a second time, I filled her pussy with a warm load that's never thought would be possible.

She just stood there on all fours with cum dripping down her hairy pussy. I rolled over with all power drained from my body. The best orgasms in had in my whole life.

Thank you June for exploring my gspot.