Written by Herbig

23 Nov 2016

Last week I had the afternoon off so I went home. As drove past the pool in my complex, I saw some kids and a lady enjoying the sun around the pool. I don’t know what got into me I had to find out who this ladybird was that could lounge around the pool in the arvy while most of us were at work.

So I got to the pool, checked the water but it was too chilly for my liking. I squinted through my shades at the lady that had peeked my interest. She was lying on one of those sun couch things right opposite me. I couldn’t help looking between her legs and was pleasantly surprised to see what I saw. Not only, she was looking at me. I’m not a muscle man. Got a small boep and thinnish legs, nothing to write home about, but I am sexy and she was looking at me with interest. I could feel it.

So I stand up and made a comment about the water and she giggled. That was cool. she sounded friendly. I wanted to know how she happened to be there. She made sure I knew those were not her kids and that hubby was at work and she had afternoons off.

Anyways we chatted for a while, then she invited me for a cool drink at her place. Now you must know I’m not looking for sex. I love woman to come down on me and foreplay etc., but penetration is for my wife only.

So we’re at her place and she pours me a cool drink. And just out of the blue she wants to know if I was interested in her other than friends. I thought that was quick. So I told her I like having fun without penetration. Not any woman. We have to click in some way. I told her I like touching and other stuff and she laughs and asks like what other stuff. I thought well what the hang, if she chucks me out now at least I put my cards on the table. I said like lightly stroking pussy lips through panties. Makes her horny and turns me on big time. I know some women like that. I don’t do rough stuff. So she says she like that too. Ok I think here goes and she’s like sliding into the couch and I’m on the other chair. And she asks if I like to give her a demo. I was like What??there in a flash. She wanted something specific. That light touch what did it feel like? I gave it to her. Slowly and very very lightly, so light that I thought she may not feel it. When I looked up, her eyes were closed and her mouth open slightly. She was obviously enjoying it. After a while I felt her hips pushing at my finger at a certain point. Knew that was nice for her.

Ok, so I asked her if she liked to suck my cock. I knew it was a hard core question, but I wanted this to be mutual. She murmured something I couldn’t hear. I didn’t ask again, instead carried on until she pulled her bikini aside took my hand and pressed it into her wet lips. I slipped a finger into her and she pushed her hips into my hand. I fingered her like this. Then I came down on her and licked her clit. Now I felt it was mutual. It made her wild. I looked up for a moment and she had her boobs out of her bikini bra and was fingering her tits. I brought her to climax there on her couch. I licked her clit and fingered her pussy deep and I figured that was what she needed most. I didn’t get my BJ and so what, licking her clit made me just as horny. When I got home later, I wanked myself off.

Next time I was luckier, but that was with someone else.