Written by Master

12 Mar 2015

One day I sent a reply to an advert on another site while looking for some naughty fun. I added my number and thought I wouldn't hear from anyone, but about lunchtime I got a call from a gentleman who introduces himself and telsl me his fantasy for his wife, and how she has been outside some clubs in Durban and was wearing a top with no bra, this was a special top that had a v cut down to her mid waist. She would go to random gents while her husband watched from the car, and she would make small talk and ask for a cigarette even though she didn't smoke. Then she would flash the guy while talking with them.

So he told me all this and set up a date to meet at Musgrave Centre, so I was there at the arranged time and he arrived in a silver Chrysler with tinted windows. His wife got out and was smoking hot, short sexy Indian woman, long black hair, she came over to me and asked me for a cigarette as I was told to stand and smoke a cigarette, she was hot and from time to time she would move while making small talk and I would see her nipples, she hugged me and left.

Hubby had called that evening to say she thinks I'm handsome and sexy, I couldn't help but tell him about my hard on in my pants while I was watching his wife.

Next time we arranged a meet he asked if I knew any quiet road where we can go, so we met again and we had a smoke, she asked if I wanted to go for a drive, she asked her hubby and he said ok, that sly man, she said that was her friend.

I jumped in the back and she jumped in next to me, she leaned forward and said something to him, by the time she sat back my pants was undone and my cock was out, she said you got comfortable quick, she started stroking my cock and sucking on me as her hubby asked me for directions to the quiet road. We got there and said he can join in the backseat so he did, she started sucking us both and we were playing with her nipples and he said do you want to come back to our place, we then left and she sucked me all the way to a house in Westville, they didn't have the gate keys so we all three skipped the fence. I had a bottle of Captain Morgan and we carried on to the top level of the house which was used as an office. We had some drinks and put on some music and hubby and wifey started dancing, we soon got comfortable and lost all clothes. He laid his wife on the table and put his cock in her mouth, she was more than happy to receive my cock that was substantially larger than her hubby's, and inside I went. She was dripping wet, her pussy was soooo tight, and I fucked her till I was about to come. I stopped, pulled out, and swopped with hubby. He kept watching her swallow my cock and then he started to moan and started to shoot inside, I also came as he did, all over his wife's mouth and she swallowed my cum. We got dressed and they took me back to my car and since then we lost contact.

I have so many experiences I want to share, if you enjoyed hearing this let me know and I will write some more or tell you my other experiences over the phone or if you want in person.