01 Jan 2016

Wow, sometimes the luck comes along when not expected.

Just returned from a week holiday at Kosi Bay at a rugged bush camp. The owner has contructed the ablutions to serve both males and females. It is constructed of split poles that overlap each other and sealed with a very proper sealant at the bottom - can't see through it. The toilets and shower cubicles are joined with this split pole wall in between.

On the first day we arrived, I realized that if I sit on the toilet and slightly bend forward there is an opening hidden from view at waste level - bingo!!!! Right on pussy level!!!!!!

Every time a lady goes to the shower, I "have to" go to the toilet. Beautiful viewing from literally 20 cm from the pussy (or cock) with only a 15mm wooden wall in between. By the third day I have viewed half of the camp's pussy's.

On day four, around lunch time, a man and girl of about 20 years of age visited the showers together to rid themselves of the humid heat and sweat experienced at the coast. I first had a good look at his beautiful erect penis and then her swollen awesome pussy, almost touching my nose. I thought they were only going to take a shower together and then leave.

Next moment the lady bent over, peeped through the very same hole from the shower side and I made eye contact with the most beautiful pair of blue eyes. I was in shock! She did not even bat an eyelid and just smiled at me. I could then see the man trying to enter her from behind while she was bent over, which he found difficult.

She then turned around, lifted her right leg to his hip, guiding his strong erect cock to her pussy lips, first playing with it on her clitoris and got her pussy used to his size. She turned so that I could see absolutely everything happening between them very very close to my face. He entered her slowly and started pounding in and out. I could hear the juicy sound. Obviously I got me very hard. He fucked her in this position until she started moaning softly (no loud sounds as it is in a camp with people camping 10-20 m from the ablution). When they both came, she got to her haunches and started cleaning his cock with her mouth while facing me through the thin wall. This was awesome. I had to hurry back to our tent to go give the missus a full service and not only an oil change. Pitty I could not tell the missus why I was so wet and ready when I arrived in the tent.

Yesterday morning I got up earlier because I realized many ladies shower early in order to get ready to go to the beach. I heard the shower going and went to the toilet. I was so surprised to see it was a lady of about 75 years with absolutely grey hair all over. She started washing her body and then ended washing her pussy. I was a bit put off by the age and wrinkles but when I realized that she was using a lot of soap to smooth the old pussy lips it became interesting. She enjoyed herself and even if she did not orgasm, I could hear her moan and hump her hand for about 10 minutes. Everybody have needs, even at that age.

Last night I returned from my own shower and passed a tent occupied by to Swedish youngsters (siblings). I spoke to their parents earlier and learned that the boy was still very young but the girl has just turned 18. They are on holiday in South Africa. They had their tent light on and have not closed the flaps. I could clearly see them both through the netting. It was very dark outside and I knew they could not se me next to their tent. They both started undressing and the boy got into his bed, reading a book. The girl had the most beautiful young, untouched boobs I have ever seen in my life. While he was reading his book, not giving attention to his sister, she started massaging her boobs and then removed her panties as if her brother did not exist. She lay down on her bed and started masturbating, without her brother even looking up from his book. When she had her orgasm, she casually put her panties back on again, said "good night" to her brother and turned off the light. I once again ran back to our tent to give the missus a pounding.

The thrill to walk around in camp looking at many women, knowing what their pussies looked like (shaven, landing strip, unshaven or other) gave me the kicks of a life time.

So if you had your holiday during December in Kosi Bay, I might have enjoyed the sight of your pussy or the pussy of your woman.

I will not neglect to thank the person who built that ablution block - give that man a Bells. A holiday to remember for life!

I hope you have enjoyed this true experience because I could not wait to get back and share it.