06 Nov 2017

A few years ago i was doing a Outdoor show in Gauteng. There were many exhibitors and at the end of each long day we wandered around looking at the other exhibits. I met her at one of the Game Ranger exhibits. We met regularly for coffee, and while the show was live we kept looking at each other trying to pass meaning and suggestions with our eyes. At one of these meetings i suggested we meet privately. She agreed and gave me her number to meet after the show was over.

The following week we arranged to meet, surprisingly she invited me to her place. I think she was slightly older than me, very confident. She had a great figure and i was really keen to meet up.

I arrived there early afternoon. She was an Afrikaans lady, very traditional. Home was very smart and she was dressed up for high tea, in a long flowing red dress, with lace at the top. Way over dressed and super smart. I had on a pair of jeans and t-shirt. We sat in her lounge sipping tea and making impossible small talk. I stuck it out for a while, noticing she was also uncomfortable. She sat perched on the edge of the couch, and whenever i moved she tried to assist, another tea, another cookie etc.

After an hour of this, i couldn't hold on more, so i asked her if she wanted to kiss. She blutrted out yes, and moved towards me. I kissed her mouth but it was firm and closed, i let my tongue touch her lips, flicking it over to indicate. She didn't pull back, and finally opened her mouth. She was very rigid but i was in. I held her close and kissed very deeply until i felt her relax. My hands moved down to her side, stroking her from the side of her breast to her hips. We were still awkwardly probing and touching, this was clearly a new experience for her but one she definitely wanted. It was as if she wasn’t sure but dying to know.

Before i knew it we had both slipped off the couch onto our knees, facing each other and still kissing deeply. I decided to go for broke and moved my hands round front to cup her breast. She moved her mouth away from mine and let out a moan moving her lips to my ear, nibbling and moaning slightly.

I moved my right hand down her belly, still outside her dress top, until i was pressing on the top of her mound. I wanted to know how far she wanted to go. As my hand reached her pubic bone, she thrust her hips forward against the pressure of my hand. I reached around with my other hand, pulling her butt towards my other hand. She lifted herself up onto her knees, parting her thighs slightly, she wanted me.

I reached around gathering her dress until i could reach up inside her dress. Again she moaned, pressing the back of my neck with her hand. She was making short breaths now, as i reached her pussy. Still with her panties on, i rubbed her pussy, feeling her panties were very wet. Slipping my fingers around the elastic, i managed to get my fingers onto the outside of her pussy lips. Her lips were large and swollen. Her moist pussy had leaked into her panties, and was still sticky and wet. I slipped a finger inside, feeling her grip my finger as a pushed it deeper into her, rubbing out towards her pubic bone. I was feeling for that spongy tissue on the upper inside. The more i probed the wetter she became. I realised she had her hand on my cock, she had opened my pants, and in a blink she had my cock in her palm and was stroking me through my zip. My cock was hard, i could feel my blood surging and making it harder. She was pumping, but touching exploring, examining. She reached down, cupping my balls, feeling my shaft from behind my balls. She pinched my shaft, close to my ass with her first and third finger, her second slipping over my hole, probing lightly then back up my shaft.

Kneeling like that she was tight, i had squeezed one finger inside her only, i wanted to get more into her but from that angle i couldn’t. I gently pushed her back, and she willingly rolled back onto her back, releasing my cock, but looking down at me, her eyes not leaving the site of small beads of precum flowing out the head of my cock. As she rolled back, i pulled her skirts up exposing her pussy. She was wearing a very small pair of red panties. A thin string pulled tightly into her ass crack. I pulled the panties to start removing them, and she assisted me, rapidly removing and exposing her cunt to my approaching mouth. I was by now on her side, removing my clothes as fast as i could. Her thighs were parted and i dipped my head in to get my mouth closer to her wet cunt. I wanted to taste her. I could feel her pulling my pants off, clearing my socks and searching for my cock. I Raised myself up, exposing my cock high above her mouth, while diving down and committing to enter her cunt with my mouth. If she wanted my cock she would pull me down. She reached up and engorged her mouth, pulling my cock deep into her cupping my butt cheeks and forcing my cock deep down her throat. I parted her lips using both my hands and entered my mouth deep inside her. I could taste her cum from the afternoon, the smell was deeply sexy and musty, she had been sitting wet for some time, and i could smell it, delicious and rich, thicker than usual. I looked down and her pussy was deep red and swollen. I sucked her hard, using the fingers to penetrate her from around the back. I used my fingers to fuck her, while i suked her fluids, sucking her hard clit. With a spare finger i probed her other hole, willing she opened herself to my probing. I moistened a finger and slipped is gently into her arse, while still pumping her cunt and sucking on her clit. My hips were thrusting, deep into her throat. I was now spread over her head and fucking her head like a pussy. She was devouring me, slipping my cock out occasionally to suck at my balls.

She pushed me over onto my back, then swung over me, pressing her pussy hard down on my mouth. I could feel her sliding it up and down, pressing down rubbing on my stubble.

She sat back flattening and opening her pussy wide for me, drowning me in moist pussy and cum. Her hands never left my cock, pumping me, playing with me probing me. She started to rock back and forward, i felt her own hand start working her clit. She wanted to cum on me. She had me pinned to the ground and was going to fuck my face till she had an orgasm. While still in that position, i could feel her working on something, she had a condom out and was slipping it over my cock, still writhing on my open sucking mouth. My cock was hard and very close to cuming. Suddenly without warning she leaned over and stuck her finger in my ass, then pulled herself off my mouth and onto my cock. From that position she spread hard and wide over me, plunging my cock deep inside her. I thrust high, gripping her hand unintentionally, but started to pump my cock hard up and inside here. I had a view of her open ass, with her pussy lips stretching around and gripping my cock base. Eventually she leaned completely forward pumping her arse up and down on my cock which was almost slipping out., I had to use my hand to close off the escape and keep it embedded inside here. It was then that i came, i was grunting with the effort of trying to hold it back. I could see her pussy twitching and flexing, at which point she pulled off my cock, putting her now wetter pussy back onto my mouth as i started to cum. She ripped off the condom and started to suck my cock deeply, drinking my cum which seemed to keep pumping and flowing. She was cuming, forcing me to drink her juices while she consumed mine. I was done, but she had not finished, she lay there gently rocking her cunt over my mouth, moaning and twitching to get everything into me. After a few seconds like this, she rolled off, exhausted and spent. I could smell her all over my face. I was sticky and wet from her orgasm. AFter a while she got up and went upstairs without saying a word. I thought it was over and pretty much started getting dressed. I could hear a bath running. I was feeling a little awkward, waiting for her to finish bathing. But she didnt, she called down for me to come up. Half dressed i went upstairs to find her sitting on the edge of the bath. The bath was filled with bubble-bath, a deep rich foam. She asked me to step inside. Again i took off my clothes and stepped in. She had soft music playing while she started to soap up a sponge and started to wash me. First my back gently but completely, then moved around to my stomach. At this point she asked me to stand. Gently she washed my ass, my balls and my shaft. Once on the shaft, now half raised again, she started to stroke my cock again. Using a bit of creme, she moisturised my shaft and before i knew it i was hard again. She didnt ask anything more, didnt say anything, she just gently massaged my cock hard again.

Humming softly, she gestured for me out of the bath and proceeded to towel me down, pressing under the base of mycock, gently padding me dry and pulling me back to the bedroom and her bed. This time, without a condom, she pulled my cock back inside her, her towel falling to the ground, she leaned back pulling me hard inside her. I had never fucked twice in a row every, without a substantial break, but it was like she was ignoring that and demanding more. Leaning against the bed i fucked her hard and urgently. I could feel my cock was slightly sore from the previous fuck, but somehow this stimulated me harder. She moaned at me in Afrikaans, something like naai my, i don’t know exactly, but it fucking made me so horny. I pumped her hard, holding back as long as i could. My brain was screaming to pull out. Don’t fill her with seed now. As i felt the surge take me, i whipped my cock out onto her belly, and started to cum, she stretched down again, pulling my cock up into her mouth and pulling back to a standing position i ejaculated hard into her mouth for a second time.

Fuck i was so fucked now. I had two very hard orgasms. This was epic. My cock was throbbing hard with the effort. It wasn’t subsiding, it was still pumped up. She slipped back and i reinserted into her, stroking out the last ebbing efforts into her till eventually it slipped out of her. I rolled off her onto the bed. I told her i had to leave, and apologised. She was happy, reached over kissed me and said she would see me downstairs.

I walked back to the bathroom, slipped back in and washed myself. Dressing as i came out and back downstairs. She had the red dress on and was standing in the kitchen. Barefoot and making some coffee. Her dress now a bit crumpled was still sexy. Her breasts now peeking out of the side.

Awkwardly i gathered my keys and headed to the kitchen. She turned on me, back to the counter and asked if i was leaving. I said yes, it was late. She wanted a kiss first. Sitting on the counter she opened her legs and pulled me in for a kiss. She reached up and whispered to me, i haven't finished fucking you. He r hand was feverishly at my zip. I was trying to stop her, but she had my cock out and before i knew it i was impossibly hard again. Seeing her sitting, her skirt hiked up, her pussy at the exact right height, my cock was aching, but hard. Leaning very slightly back, i slipped it back in, she almost yelled at me to fuck her hard. By now i would be shooting blanks, there was no way solid cum was going to come out of me. But i was hard as a rock. Its never happened before or after, but i shag fucked her on the counter. This time i let it go, pumping her hard and cumming regardless. I fucked it hard like an animal, grunting and pushing hard. I felt like a porn star like there was a crowd watching.

Eventually i finished and stepped back.

This time i had to leave. We walked out to my car. It was dark outside already, i was late and had a lot of explaining to do. Incredibly, as we got the the car she started again. Rubbing my cock. I stopped her and literally begged to be left alone. Incredibly my cock was getting hard again, but i simply had to leave. I could not believe that i had a 4th hard on in as many hours.

We never did that again, there was a sense of urgency that day. All subsequent fucks were normal and great but never as many times and with suck incredible intensity.

We remain FWB…...