31 Oct 2016

So.. I have a friend that recently introduced me to her friend, Suzie. We really got on well with each other and after chatting for a while she told me that she also likes golf. I asked her if she would like to play a round when she has time to which she responded.. that will be great.

Suzie is a 38 year old divorcee, lives alone, recently had a boob enlargement, now a 34D, has blond hair, and is tall.

Two weeks ago I called her and said that I am planning to play a round of golf on the Friday morning, but the tee off time is like at 7 in the morning. She said she likes it in the morning, to which I responded, Golf? She just laughed!!!

So ... we decided that we will meet at the course as I still needed to got to a meeting afterwards.

The day arrived, it was a stunning day, not a cloud in the sky, no wind whatsoever! I arrived at the course at 6.30, got my things out of the car and as I was closing up the car, Suzie arrived. She got out and what she had on already made me think of all possibilities. She had on a pink golf shirt, a white mini skirt, short white socks and white golf shoes ... she looked a million dollars!!!

We paid the fees and headed off to the 1 st tee. After a few stretches we started, Suzie waiting for me to tee off and then we proceeded to the ladies tee and she had a go. We started well ... and we started chatting in between getting to know a little more about each other.

As we started getting more and more relaxed, we started joking and soon the conversation moved to sex. She was married and has not really been with a guy for a while, but i could see that she is a flirt of note ... and I think she could be very daring at times ... especially the fact that her breast line was showing a lot ... and even more when she picked up the ball. We got to the 7 th green, I was to put first. She said that is a long put and I responded with yes ... it is rather, and asked her what she will give me if I managed to get the putt in. The chances were stacked against me ... and she said that she will take off her panties if I managed to do it. I had to stand back ... and asked her if she was serious as I did not think that would be a serious offer. Of course she said she was serious!! I looked again at the line ... stood closer ... and hit the ball .... And.. you guessed ... I sunk the putt. AND .... she took off her panties...... a flippen small white g-string. Well .... I was flabbergasted that she actually followed through with it.

We proceeded to the next hole and after the first 9 holes we stopped for breakfast.... I have to say that I was not really focused on the golf anymore but rather on what her pussy looks like under the skirt.

We started the second 9 after a short while and carried on laughing and making jokes. Eventually on the 16th, a short par 3, I had a putt again, not that far, but still challenging. So .. I asked ... what the next offering is. Well she said, she will take of her bra!! I accepted, but ... she made it rather difficult for me to focus. She stood right at the hole and squatted.... for me to see a full view of a beautiful clean shaven pussy. I remarked.... and said .... that it is unfair ... but if I get the ball in the hole I get into her hole as well .... And she said ... DEAL !

I sunk the putt .... And asked her what from here. Now, let me set the scene at the 17th tee. It is a rather out of sight tee box! No one in sight and as we get closer to the tee box, she said that she has always wanted to fuck in public!!! I was surprised but went with the flow. I stopped the buggy .... and she started unzipping my pants. She took out my cock ... and started to suck it ... It did not take long for her to sit on top of me.... I slipped down my pants.... and of course my hands reached for her tits.... She rode me ... deep.... and fast ... the buggy helping with the rocking of the motion ....

It did not take long for her to orgasm.... she just sat there afterwards.... happy and content ... I did not cum.... and she asked me how long the meeting was going to be. I said that I could move it to the next week.... to which she remarked ... you better ... as we are not even going to play the last two holes.... she wants to go home and want me to play with her hole ... lol

And..... so we did!!!