19 Oct 2016

She says after reading my submission she felt necessary to write from her point of view.

One Saturday morning a certain lady was bored in the house and horny,, she remembered a friend that can lift her spirit up in a certain way,,, she took a taxi wearing a silk see through number on purpose ,,she knew where her assets are n she knows how to use them to her advantage,, she stepped up the stairs shaking her body in a seducing manner ,when the door was opened for her she stepped in slowly n stood by the door so that when the guy turns she will b right in front of him ready to kiss,, they sat down n started talking as the topic changed to sex she got tinkling down there n the butterflies in the stomach bcs this was her moment with her crush,,he mentioned a friend coming over for the fuck,it was double excited n fear of failing the crush Bt when he kissed her with passion took her hand to the bedroom naked made her forget n started to enjoy ,,she kissed him hard on the lips n slowly going down from lips to neck to stomach till the dock, she toyed with the dick gentle n the balls he was moaning a little Mhhh,,while she was toying the other guy came in ready for action he positioned her ass bending her a lil so that the vagina Will all b out m started to lick the pussy,,Mhhh what a feeling he then finger fucked while she was mouth full with another dick,,she did her best to accommodate the 2 dicks at the same time,,second guy now was ready to fuck the wet pussy,, she was soo ready for it he fucked her hard n tough like he was hungry for it n Damon he was hitting the G sport,, it was time for the boys to change she was on her back n the short legs opened wide for him to go through ,,, he was swifting the dick inside gentle ohhh he fucked her so hard,,,, she sucked him again till he came onto her mouth the juice down the throat she was exhausted n she was holding both dicks with both hands ,,, they were all panting they had done it finally