13 Oct 2016

One Saturday morning I received a call from a lady who works with me. She needed to let off steam. So I told her to come on over my place. She came wearing long skirt as I walked behind her the sun infront of us I could see her silhouette . Her legs are brackets. And curvicious body like coke bottle.

We went inflat she requested to watch cartoon network? I couldn't believe an adult her age watching cartoons. While we sat a male colleague called and told me he is in the vicinity. I told him to Han ten I'll watts app him. I started a topic with lady about three sums she said she has never had one but curious to try. I asked her if I were to invite a guy over would she mind? She said no but no one from work. I told her to trust me. She was unsure but said ok.

I sent watts app message to our colleague told him my door will not be locked I'll be in bedroom with a lady. He too didn't know who I had but was excited. I started kissing the visitor. She is a great kisser . I stripped her naked we moved to my bedroom. I told her not to worry who was coming but to enjoy the experience. She started to give me a blow job. As she was I heard my main door open an shut. then she deeped throated me. I could tell she was not aware the visitor was in the house. He walked into the bedroom his eyes on to her curvy ass and he was damn excited. He just kneeled and started licking her. She gasped and could feel her sucking got strong and sweet.

He worked the pussy with his tongue she was now panting heavily. He entered her she went uhhhh yes. He was thrusting very hard she stopped by concentrated on what he was doing. I stood up tapped him on shoulder it was my turn. The pussy was wet warm tight she was delicious. I went in thrusting she opened. He went around for bj. I was in the pussy I could feel it tight around my stick. Se was deep throating him I went in she was sweet we were all panting sweating. He came oat me on shoulder it felt like relay. We turned her around legs wide open he went in. I was watching this time she grabbed him as he thrusted he started growing he was coming she asked him not yet he let lose. I took over I wend in her legs wide open. She spoke dirty in my ear. I was excited we came together. Then we sat on bed she turned to me and said but I told you no one from office but thank you it was great.

We still going to have more dates.

Condoms were used