Written by Voyer1105

22 May 2016

We have a friend that stays some distance away and can only pop around every 2 to six weeks when he goes past on his way to Jhb and depending on how horny he is.

As usual he called and said he was horny and my wife said to come around.

The next day bout nine he pulled into our driveway and my wife went to meet him at the door and as soon as the door was closed she was in his arms giving him a deep kiss and rubbing her pussy on his cock.

They came into the lounge and sat down, she next to him and we chatted about what was happening. All the while my wife was rubbing the bulge in his pants, until he said she better stop or he was going to cum in his pants. At this she got up and, taking his hand, she pulled to our bedroom.

In the bedroom he started undressing my wife until she sat down and removed her own pants.

Naked he stood in front of her presenting his 17 cm thick cock for her to suck which she swallowed but not for long as she layed down with her long sexy legs spread for him, I slipped a finger into her to see if she was ready and she was flooding.

Our friend went down on her and stuck his tongue into her, sucking her for a while until she stopped him and pulled him up by his head, he moved up and she had his cock in her hand rubbing it through her slit and aiming it at the entrance of her pussy.

It is such an erotic feeling to see a thick cock stretching YOUR wife's pussy as he slides into her.

They started moving in unison as he slowly fucked her, his cock all shiny with her pussy juices, and as she cums very fast it was not long and she started moving her hips around fast and ordering him to go for it.

Being her lover for about 16 years he knew her well and moved faster and soon slammed into her and I saw his butt clenching as he spurted into her and on another stroke his cock was covered in sperm.

They relaxed and as he always cums a lot he asked for something to stop his sperm from flowing out onto the bedspread so I handed him some tissues.

He blocked most of his sperm and as he pulled out I was ready and went down on her pussy, such a beautifull sight, gaping, still oozing cum for me to suck.

I pulled away and lying behind her back as he was caressing her, I slipped into her loose silky pussy and soon added my load to his.

We went back to the lounge, and after a quick wipe, sat chatting, having a drink, talking about some of her escapades and soon she went sideways on the couch and started sucking his cock.

I slipped in behind her and slipped my cock into her for a slow fuck and after we all had another orgasm we showered and dressed.