25 May 2016

Yesterday our friend called and said he was in Pretoria and would pass us on his way to Welkom.

Just after 2 he rocked up and my wife met him at the door with a deep kiss and we sat down and had a drink.

She commented that her hands were very cold so I said that when mine are cold I put them under my balls, to which she answered that she didn't have any.

I noticed Friend already had a bulge so I told her to put it under Friend's balls, he stood up and undid his pants for her to play with his cock and she took him by his member and led him to the bedroom, asking me to be on lookout as her son was around and across the road visiting a friend.

I stood by the balcony door where I could see across the street, my cock out and stroking it, when she called me to remove the parrot which had followed them and gotten on the bed. Friend blew at parrot who blew back at him.

I got there and saw her on her back, legs spread and knees raised, what a sexy sight, friend was already pumping, so I chased the parrot off the bed and moved to the bottom of the bed to see his cock stretching her pussy, going in and out as she was moving her buttocks side to side. At her command he went faster and soon he slammed into her, his butt clenched and I saw her toes curling as he pumped his sperm into her.

She grabbed some tissues as he got off her, and she blocked the cum from flowing out and moved down to the bottom of the bed, where I got down on my knees and raised her bum to my mouth so I could suck her pussy, getting a big mouthfull of cum as I continued to suck her flaps into my mouth.

She sat up and took my cock into her mouth and as I started to cum she directed my squirt onto my own pants.

Soon after Friend left, her son came back...