Written by Anon

23 Jul 2015

Hubby had left me there with this couple. WTF, he had never done this before. Greg sat down and said not to worry, there is a safe word (Olive) - what a weird safe word. He poured me a stiff drink which I gulped down, Sandra was now stroking her fingers over my arm, slightly touching my breast. She looked at me and said may I?, Greg said go on, try it. She moved in and kissed me; within no time we were embracing each other, kissing and touching. I was more at ease already. Greg muttered something which I didn't hear, but I felt his hand slide up my short skirt. He went straight to rubbing my clit, and what amazed me was my comfort level in allowing it!

Next thing, Sandra's breasts are in my face. Greg's tongue is on my clit, and darting in and out of my wet pussy. Sandra's hands are also down there rubbing my clit, while Greg is sucking on my pussy lips. I tell them I am going to cum, and this fuels them even more. I cum in Greg's mouth and my body goes numb. Sandra jumps up and removes whats left of her dress. She is gorgeous, also a smooth pussy, just a thin trimmed line of hair. She goes on all fours next to me, Greg licks her pussy now, his cock is out, and I have my hand around it, stroking it. I Want to suck his cock, but he tells me - taste her pussy! I do so, and Sandra moans. Greg then sticks his face close to her butt hole and kisses me. He licks Sandra's butt hole and she is moaning uncontrollably. Greg turns and kisses me with the tongue that was just up Sandra's butt. I have never done that before. Greg eggs me on by slightly pushing my head toward Sandra's butt hole, so I briefly run my tongue across her little rose bud. Weird how this freaked me out before, but now I was actually enjoying it. Greg whispers - I am gonna Fuck you now. I turn and wedge myself under Sandra, right by her pussy. He starts to fuck me, his cock isn't massive but it's getting my spot, almost but not yet. He is going slow and strong. Sandra turns around, now facing Greg, but still with her pussy and butt by my mouth. I lick and finger her. Greg says he wants to cum. Sandra says to cum on her. He pulls out his cock, she takes off the condom and jerks him off till he cums both on me and her, me mostly by my pussy. Sandra wastes no time and licks his cum from my body. She turns to me and shows me her tongue. I tell her I don't like cum in my mouth, fearing she wants to kiss me. Greg says don't worry, we know that. Sandra sucks on my nipples.

We all sit back and take a breath. Greg is surprisingly still hard. Sandra takes my hand and says, come with me. We go upstairs to what I assume is the master bedroom. She says I can make myself comfortable. I lay on the bed and she goes to the bathroom. She comes back with the distinct smell of mouthwash on her breath. We start to kiss again and just touch. She says - we want to try a DP, is that okay? I am confused for a second, then I see her reach over to the bedside drawer. She says to me "It wont be too much, it's only a small strap on,"holding it for me to see. Greg appears at the door with some refreshments. Now I enjoy anal to a certain extent, but I am not much of a fan of DP as mainly the guys usually can't match timing, and the only thing that ends up happening is me having a sore butt.