Written by Anon

23 Jul 2015

My husband and I have recently been toying with the fantasy of me being an escort! I have always wanted to be treated like an absolute slut, but alas I could not experience it with my husband as he says he just can't bring himself to treat me like that. My birthday was coming up and I noticed that hubby was chatting a bit more than usual on the site.

My birthday arrived and needless to say, as usual I was spoilt rotten. Around about lunch time hubby sent me a whatsapp which is in itself strange because he usually calls. It simply read "Check my cupboard, there is a surprise." I ran upstairs, found a big box, opened it to reveal what looked like the left overs of a Dress and fishnets. Instructions said "get ready by 18:30, no underwear".

The day could not have gone slower. I asked what was going to happen, he didn't respond at all. 18:30 came and hubby arrived. He asked me to go get in the car, and he went to the study and grabbed a bag. I got in and he drove. We arrived at an estate. I was a bit shy as we pulled up to the security gate, because you could clearly see my nipples and if you were at the right spot you could definitely see my clean pussy.

We got in and hubby drove to a big house. He said to me "get out, your surprise fantasy is here". We were greeted by a good-looking man, well dressed and fit-looking, his arms slightly bulgy in his tight jacket. I was suddenly very self-aware of my dress status. Then to make things worse, his wife appeared. What a gorgeous woman, long blonde hair, full lips and a curvy figure. She offered us a drink.

They invited us to sit, and then hubby said "well, let's discuss the business first" to Greg. I was dumbstruck - what was going on? Greg said "here is the money", and handed hubby an envelope. Hubby told me "enjoy yourself, and give the clients a good time. I will wait for you. When you're all done, let me know". On that note hubby got up and left me there in their house.

Sandra immediately came and sat next to me, and started talking about what she would like to do. Greg showed hubby to the door, and it was closed.