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A Fantasy story part 2

A fantasy becomes a reality


5 minute read

A Fantasy story part 2 of 3 posted already. Fantasy becomes reality under lockdown To understand much of this follow up kindly read part 1 and the reply thereto and have some fun at the same time. The sexual fantasy continues through numerous emails and messages and my stories and some very stormy videos, all shared online and finally Teachers visit to see if a fantasy ever became a reality. The following is an account of the foreplay please, but please forgive me much of the descriptions I give don’t do full justice to an amazing experience. I just hope I do it justice to describe the experience I wanted to share The sequence of events which followed are rather mixed up. Well in my mind anyway but this is a story after all and so fantasy and history become intertwined.I must confess alcohol does not help my memory at all.. It all started with a simple poem I posted online. Ooh but I luv this pic,,, downloaded to my I pad in hd you have a beautiful and so suckable pussy please will you sit on my face and soak me with your golden juice. Let me eat your lovely hole 💕, let me taste you and your scent linger. I am truly a lover who feels your shudder your tingle of touch my lips upon your cunt. I am truly a lover of your lips. Your crowned clitoris is my zone your sweet seed on my tongue. T a tribute to a gorgeous pussy. D. You intrigue me. Yes I will meet you for coffee. What followed was a flood of sexual messages, videos and chats. These are but a few. This is a very special video to me you show yourself as my perfect sub your pussy looks so inviting and so open for my use my perfect student. You are so ready to be used by me and to obeying my desires, you do what I have long desired with little success. I appreciate this sacrifice and trust your obedience and humility and desire for knowledge to explore your perfect body and to explore mine and to find that perfect synergy, But down to earth I am the master. I really want to fuck you again and again deep and touch your core feel you jerk and squirt let your cum . M T will show D how he uses an enema, and toys .T is always very gentle, may be demanding, but never forceful . Your reservations and excitement are shared D should also clear her diary for a weekend with me as her master, lockdown will not last forever, and then I can travel. T never wants to neglect his role please be so kind as to send me close pics of all of you. I want to see your nipples and aureole. I luv soft skin and to suck your nipples when hard and please don’t forget your bum. I want to see it close and closed and then extended as you push for me. You will need to practice to take my whole cock deep up your bum your toys are perfect for that the pink one is my favorite. T Please also show me your bum and ass your open ass I want to lick and luv.I want to feast on all of you and possess your climax as you are my sub.I want total control of your body. Do you agree to these generous terms my little slut to give it all to me. T T cannot forget your pussy, so as your Teacher I must ask you to take extra care of your pussy be extra special and kind to your pussy you can play freely with it and make it cum masturbate often keeps it young and supple, but for your teacher, avoid strangers and other men’s cocks. Teacher wants your pussy to be only his to play with as he wants only you. Teacher will condone other cocks but only if Teacher is present to protect your pussy and ensure it’s well used. Teacher gets jealous if you just fuck other cocks and don’t share with him so you must promise to share evertime you have a cock , teacher wants pics of your used pussy as proof that you have been fucked and that it’s been well used and teacher will lick it clean of your cum. As your teacher and you my student I want your mind and I own your pussy and your bum you must share your sex with me at all times share your experiences to help me to teach you. Many many more followed as lockdown and isolation continued, shocked to say over a thousand WhatsApp alone and numerous private conversations, but the purpose of this story is that all important first meeting the reality check what has been described by many as an awkward first date a meet and greet a cup of coffee . To meet a stranger in the flesh the nerves and more. Most times a few drinks will always solve this problem. Not much of that now .The real visit and how amazing that story was to follow. The brain is definitely the biggest sex organ and kudos to the swingers heaven website for the link in the first place. If you really read the profiles you can find that proverbial needle in a haystack of BS. Maybe a lesson to more than a few out there that a wink or a Hi I have a big cock does not really cut it out there. I wrote in my earlier stories about seeking the perfect orgasm a life long quest and have written about every sexual partner and experience I have had, but that first meeting you still have butterflies. Well, what followed our first meeting of strangers and now continues with a second visit which I have also written about was so beautifully described and written by her in a story she published that I asked her if I could repeat it here. So this is her story. If you want to know what reality felt like then read part 3 and D’s version which I do hope she posts very soon. I can only say T wants more. Continued part 3

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