Written by MR. Autobiography

04 Jan 2018

As we were lying on the bed I asked him to go and get me a glass of water, when he returned I said to him that I needed to tell him something. I was very unsure of what his response would be so I said, honey you know that I Love you very much, and that I will never do anything to hurt you. But I need to share this with you. Firstly our love life is great and our sex life too, but I have got this fantasy of being fucked by another man while you sit and watch it all happening. I don't have any specific details now but I had to share it with you. After that he was silent for about 5 minutes. Then he said, well everyone has got fantasies that doesn't mean that all of our fantasies must come true. We then went to sleep and nothing was said about the matter since. About a month later on a Monday he told me that he was taking a couple of days off work and have a surprise for me. That same Thursday I got my surprise. Long story short, this is what happened. He asked me to wear nice sexy underwear and a nice dress as we were going out for the day. I wanted to ask more detail but I did as I was told. We left home at about 10 am, we arrived at the hotel and went for breakfast, he was busy on his phone the whole time. We finished our food and was talking about general everyday stuff, his phone rang and he was talking for about 2 minutes. He paid the bill and asked me if we can go to the bar for a drink, that was about 11:30 am. As we were having our drinks a man came to us. David got up shook his hand and then introduced him to me. Amber my wife this is Kevin. The 3 of us sat down and had a couple more drinks. At about 12:30 pm Kevin got up and left, David paid the bill and said to me that he wanted to show me suites in the hotel. We went up and oh my world what a beautiful place it is. We went inside one of the rooms, and all of a sudden he started kissing me, not even 1 minute and there was a knock on the door. He went to open as I was in the bedroom, in he walks with Kevin. I just stood still and shocked wondering what was happening now, then he said to me, Amber today your fantasy becomes a reality. He then said, Kevin she is all yours. David then took a chair went to sit down and took his phone out. Kevin did not waste any time, he started kissing me and told me to relax. He then asked me if I wanted him to be gentle or do I want it rough. I replied either way it does not make a difference, I just wanted to be fucked. We kissed he then undressed me, I could feel his cock getting hard in his pants, he then put me on the bed slowly taking my panty of, he then started to lick my pussy, his mouth was so warm and it felt like heaven. I noticed David still had his phone in his hands so I got the feeling that he was recording everything, but I was not bothered. Kevin took his pants off and oh my world. He has got a big, long thick cock. I grabbed it with both my hands and started to suck it, it was nice and salty and I could taste the pre cum. He the started to fuck me, first slowly and then the thrust increased faster, it felt like I was going to explode. In and out faster and harder I moaned and groaned, he flipped me over fucking me from behind it was heavens. He then shot his load of hot cum all over my tits. As I also came my pussy was so wet. He laid on the bed for about 5 minutes got up took a shower and left. David asked me if I enjoyed it. I said that it was the best surprise ever.