Written by Johnny

19 Sep 2018

I am still trying to wrap my head around the entire occurrence but thought I might share it. At the risk of messing it up as I am sure my wife will give her full details about the evening later. Also last time we posted a story the owners of the store decided to close the fun holes!!! Why I don’t know ? I mean it’s a place where adults go to do adult things!

Anyway after a long search we have found a new place not going to mention where. But similar to the old place there are bigger booths to watch in and well better lighting and place seems all round cleaner and a different type of clientele.

We went in to the both to watch something new and sure enough there were holes on both sides but rather large. We had not seen anyone in the store that sparked my wife’s interest but nonetheless we went to the back for our own enjoyment. No sooner had we gone in and started our porn me wife cock in hand and down my wife’s skillful throat when I saw half a face at the one hole (the holes are a bit big). Kan ek Kyk? My wife removing my cock from her mouth just said “Yes but show us your cock!” The guy stood up and produced a normal sized cock with clean shaven balls. She leaned over gripped it and gave it a good jerk or five. Then caressing his balls and proceeded to jerk him again. She had her regular sun dress with nothing on beneath so I was busy fingering her pussy. She told him she is going to suck him but he must tell her when he is going to cum. I was behind my wife eating her pussy and butt when suddenly I felt a hand touch my ass! Wtf there through the other hole was a hand “there are some rules but clearly this guy didn’t really care or know them”. I shifted and told him through the wall that I was a dude he said “Oh shit earlier there was a woman”. I mentioned that she was still there just busy on the other side. He asked if he could touch her and oddly enough there I stood directing another mans hand to my wife exposed ass and pussy. Well he found her wet pussy and proceeded to run his fingers up and down her wet lips. All to soon he was fingering my wife while she was still blowing Number 1. Number 2 wasn’t holding back and soon he had a second finger in her the sneaky bugger was also touching her little butthole, trying to probe but her butthole is extremely tight and needs plenty lube. Number 1 mumbled something and my wife moved her mouth off his cock he shot a sky high load of cum that hit somewhere in the middle of the booth. He went soft and my wife then turned to Number 2. Then she asked if he wanted a BJ and he put his cock through the hole. She went at his cock for what seemed like ever but he wasn’t cumming. My wife is no slouch at BJs. I was already in her pussy from behind and she had cummed a few times and I was very close. My wife asked the question “Are you okay ? Are you going too or is there something that you want me to do?” This bugger then without a hesitation says “Can you maybe play with my ass as well?” I was a bit shocked but my wife simply said “Spread your legs”. Wtf here we were we had not discussed this as yet! My wife sucked his cock wet her finger, lifted his balls a bit and proceeded to stick her index finger up his butt.

Apologies I see everything after the above was left out. Please see part 2