09 May 2017

After a long day, we started on out drive home, it seemed to be never ending and it was only a 45min drive. As we get closer I see a sign that has always intrigued me. I say, “I’m just going to turn down here I want to see this track” I turn down the road and in no time, it’s just a dark dirt road. Now I know there is only one thing you do on a dark dirt road, so I pull over walk round the car and open the passenger’s door. I drop my pants and my gf takes my already hard cock I her mouth and sucks me hard. After a few minutes, I can’t wait any longer, I help her out her seat turn her around and slide her pants down. The sight of her sexy ass makes me even harder, I line up and in one stroke I’m deep inside her. I hold her hips and start with a steady pace, but I see I won’t last long and get faster and faster until in slamming into her hard and fast. When I explode inside her I can hardly stand and hang on to her to keep from falling. We both catch our breath and continue he last 10mins of the trip in silence, with big smiles on our faces.