Written by nhlingos_sexist

16 Jun 2015

so we have been chatting with this cougar she tells me she has always wanted to sleep with a young black male,i tell her im available tommoro feel free to pick me but bare in mind im yound dont say its not what you expected,couldnt sleep at night thinking about how im gonna lick her clit until she ask me to fuck her.she texts me at night "i cant sleep im all wet thinking about what im gonna do to you, my blanket are now soaked" i reply "tommoro there wont be room lefr umsoaked at your place because im gonna lick that clit until you beg me to fuck you"....she decides she cant take it anymore and wants to pick me up earlier than the decided time i agreed as i was also horny and couldnt stop thinging about if its really gonna happen. im standing by the corner its cold and she didnt tell me what car she will be driving,my cock is hard as i keep looking at all sides because i have no idea where shes coming from..finaly a white car comes and she opens a window and calls my name as if she wants to see if its truly me.i reply yes and calls me to the car.im scared as its first time with a cougar, "feel free " she says. shes driving slow i cant take it anymore as her thighs are showing i kiss her thighs and as i go up she has no underwear i gently move my tongue around her clit she moans softy and pushes my head as i go hard with the tongue she cant take it anymore she comes.i get back up she rubbs my cock and says "cant wait" .....when we get into her place as she leads me to the lounge i cant take it anymore i go down on my knees i go for her soaked pussy i lick it and suck on she moans again and screams "im coming dont stop" i can feel my self about to come aswell jst by sucking her clit...she tells me to sit on her couch as she takes off my trousers and goes for my hard cock she sucks me i squezz her breast i tell her im coming and she goes hard on it as i come she says "now its time for porn session" she puts on a porno and we watch as im rubbing her clit and shes stroking my cock.cant take it anymore and i put it in she moans.i pound her till she screams "dont stop" and finally she comes. after we had 4 rounds she goes and drops me off as i get out of the car she says "your my first black young exprience, can we do this again soon" i replied "what you want youll get"....whar a day hope to see her soon again....