Written by The President

12 Apr 2018

So as per our earlier story, we had a great afternoon of fun at President Park some weeks back, where I gave her beautiful pussy a really close shave (with some very sensual fun during the process and a lot more thereafter!) when we couldn’t get a waxing appointment sorted out… And in the meantime, “watching her being waxed” remained on my bucket list, and pubic hair fortunately (or unfortunately?) has a habit of growing back!... And so, a few weeks later, it was time to make another appointment.

Again, we had issues with the appointment… We initially wanted it on the Thursday, and got a 11h00 appointment with her regular lady, as she hoped for. Then I found out that Thursday was not an ideal day for me (as we intended to spend the whole day together after the waxing, where I would be able to take my time and really “kiss her better” after the event, and this would no longer be possible). So we asked if we could move the appointment to the Wednesday. They said it was not a problem, and we changed our plans accordingly – waxing at the salon at 11h00, to be followed by a picnic lunch and a good few hours of kissing her better at our favourite spot under the trees…

I arrived early, eager with anticipation, and sat in the parking lot outside the beauty salon, waiting for my lady friend to arrive. A couple of minutes before 11 she messaged me to say there was a problem!! The salon had just phoned her to say that they had just realised that they had unfortunately double-booked the treatment room! We could get another appointment late in the afternoon (which didn’t suit us), or we could get the previous appointment back at 11h00 on Thursday… Or because of the holidays we would have to wait another week! What do we do now? I suggested we discuss this matter in person.

She arrived in the parking lot as I pondered our options. We greeted, kissing hungrily, and then considered what to do. We had set today aside – the whole of today. Tomorrow we would only have limited time together… And she REALLY didn’t want to have to go another whole week before being treated – she was already at least a week overdue as it was, due to us having not been able to get together the previous week!

She phoned a friend, to ask for the details of an alternative salon, to see if we could maybe get an appointment there at short notice, accepting that she would then not be treated by her regular beautician, and we would have to do the whole explanation about why I wanted to be there with her, once again. But they couldn’t help us… Another shave?? But we didn’t have any of the stuff we needed with us..

We decided that we would revert to the appointment for the Thursday, disappointed in the knowledge that we would not be able to spend time together afterwards. But we had set today aside to be together, and the day is still relatively young!!... So we set off for the Park, earlier, and also more than a tad hairier, than we had expected.

On arrival, we found that the tractor mower was soon going to be encroaching on our preferred spot, so we moved up under the other trees where he had already finished mowing. Once again, she had brought her “naughty top”, the one that is just long enough to be considered “decent” when it is down to mid-thigh, but is loose and thin cotton, with a low vee-neck, ideal for allowing easy access to her sensitive areas, but can quickly cover them up if necessary. Off with the “decent” top and bra she had been wearing to the salon, and on with the “naughty” one!, and then off with her jeans and panties…

I had opened the tailgate when we first arrived, thinking we could have our picnic on it and even play there afterwards, but after moving from our preferred spot we were a lot more exposed from all directions, so just stayed in the vehicle. We have learned from experience that we need a towel or two on the seat, and preferably a plastic sheet as well, to protect the upholstery! Both of us had brought those requisites, and set them out where we needed them!

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on each other, and decided that lunch would have to wait a bit! With both our doors open, what started out as kissing rapidly led to fondling of boobs, spreading of thighs, and soon to a rather wet pussy. Her moans of appreciation increased as she neared her first climax, my fingers deftly doing the work, and soon the towel covering the seat was wetted as she squirted. And then squirted some more…

Meanwhile a single male had arrived, and parked about 50 metres away, where we had originally wanted to be, but facing us, with his park lights on (the tractor driver had disappeared to have his lunch). I didn’t recognise the vehicle, and in anycase we were intent on our own fun, not there primarily to provide entertainment. If he was watching us through binoculars, good luck to him!

After she had enjoyed her initial climaxes, she wanted to treat me. I slid my shorts down, she grabbed my cock and started wanking, and then bent forward and almost swallowed me down. I lay back in my seat, enjoying this wonderful treatment, occasionally glancing at the car in the distance, wondering how much he could see and how much fun he was having. As I neared my climax I stopped her, wanting to delay the final pleasure and have another session in a while.

We decided that it was time for lunch and something to drink (this squirting is apparently quite thirsty work!). We had a wet facecloth with which to wipe our sticky fingers, and then enjoyed our leisurely picnic.

Then it was fun time once again! Once again my fingers were working their magic for her, and the wet spot on the towel she was sitting on got wetter and bigger, accompanied by more cries of delight. I noticed that the car with the single guy was no longer where he had been parked….

As we continued kissing and cuddling, I noticed that the guy had drawn up close to my vehicle, on her side but not directly opposite her open door, but slightly back. He was looking across at me. He looked kinda familiar, but I wasn’t sure if he was one of the guys I have met and spoken to there before, and didn’t call him over, as we weren’t really there to be “on show”.

At one point she looked around to that side of the car, and was surprised and a bit shocked to see him parked there, maybe 5 or 8 metres away. I had earlier said “I think that’s ……… watching us”, but she hadn’t realised that he had moved and was now watching from so close by.

He didn’t move closer or intrude in any way, so we were okay having him there nearby, but still giving us our space (thanks, pal!). When she had gotten over her surprise and initial apprehension, we decided to carry on playing. Once again she spread her legs for me, and my fingers quickly and vigorously brought her to another loud squirting orgasm. We decided then that we had had enough of the close neighbourliness, and I suggested that she just close her door over. She did so, and he must have assumed that the party was over (or maybe his lunchbreak was over?), started up and drove off. (When I next went onto the SH site I saw there was a mail from the guy I had thought it might be [now driving a different vehicle to the one I knew], asking if it was us under the trees, and if he was welcome to join us. I explained that I do not check the site for mails while we are playing, but that if he sees us there again he is welcome to send us a phone message instead.)

Then it was my turn again. Once again I dropped my pants, she crouched over my lap, and took her time bringing me to a wonderful climax, while I fingered her somewhat hairy pussy from behind. Despite the disappointment over the waxing appointment, this had still turned out to be another special day for us at the Park.


Next day, it was back to the salon, and this time the appointment happened!! Again we met up in the car park, and then wandered over to the salon hand in hand. As we entered (me feeling rather embarrassed at entering into what I recognised to be a very female domain), we were greeted by a number of friendly faces. My lady friend is well-known as a regular patron of the salon, and obviously has a great relationship with the ladies there. But it seemed to me to be very evident that they knew that something different was up today, the ladies smiling to each other and eyeing me out while pretending not to!

Paula (not her real name!), the “regular” (rather older) beautician was ready for us, and led the way through to the treatment room, where I could escape from the knowing smiles of the younger ladies sitting at their stations. Paula was very easy to get on with. I asked if she knew why I was there, and if she was comfortable with me being there. Laughing, she said she knew and had no problem with it at all.

I was directed to stand next to the treatment bed, on the other side from where Paula would be working, where I would be out of her way, and would have the optimal view of the proceedings. My lady friend unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them. Naked from the waist down!! She sat down on and then swung her legs up onto the bed, careful not to disturb the clean towel covering, managing to flash me a great (admittedly rather hairy) view as she settled down on the bed, while Paula was busy with the wax pot with her back to us.

I was concerned that I might get an erection while the treatment was in progress, and had deliberately worn a long shirt left out of my pants to cover any indiscretion (don’t worry, it didn’t happen!).

Paula came over to have a look and discuss exactly what was to be done (a full Brazilian, of course!), and there was a lot of banter about just how much the pubic hair had grown out meantime! Paula knew that my friend had missed an appointment and had shaved instead, but she obviously hadn’t been told who had done the shaving! That we kept as our secret! She was impressed that there had been no ingrown hairs resulting from the shave, but exclaimed with (exaggerated) dismay at just how much there was now needing to be removed!

You ladies who have been waxed before will know all the next bit – but this description is here primarily to inform the uninformed gents like myself, as to what happens in that inner sanctum! Paula got started, using a wooden spatula to apply the hot wax in small patches about an inch and a half to two square inches in size, spreading it and ensuring that it was in good contact with the pubes. She would flick at an edge while it was drying, to lift it and form a small “lip”, to make it easier to get a good grip for the removal of the patch. While the first patch was cooling, she collected more wax and spread it on a second patch, away and separate from the first. And like I had done for the shaving, she started at the top of the pubic mound, initially staying away from the more sensitive bits, alternating left and right side, then middle, moving her way progressively down towards the perineum. Once the green wax had cooled and dried, she would grab the “lip” that she had formed, and yank! The wax came away, as did most of the hairs!! Most areas required repeated application to get all the hairs out. The skin was left a bit red from the heat of the wax, and a few (very few) of the hair follicles did bleed very slightly. Paula would immediately place and rub the palm or heel of her hand on the area that she had just ravaged, saying that it helped to cool and soothe the site. She then sprinkled baby powder over the treated area, and rubbed or patted it in. I was watching closely, but at no time could any of Paula’s touches be called “sensual”. She was very professional, obviously she was touching pussy all the time, but never invasive or lingering or inappropriate.

I did some touching of my own, mostly when Paula wasn’t watching, when she went back to the wax pot for more wax, but also occasionally while she was watching; but also keeping those touches “professional” as well, feeling the heat or the smoothness, feeling the difference the powder made, etc. It was fun! My lady friend was very concerned about getting wet, and about her wetness becoming very evident if I touched too much, so we held back and didn’t get too naughty. We didn’t want to embarrass Paula too much!

I chatted with Paula as she was working, asking why she did certain things, how things worked - technical questions… I asked whether she had ever had guys come in for a wax (the answer was “yes, but not any as yet for their private parts”) – apparently eyebrow waxing is popular among younger guys, occasionally underarms and chest… We talked about the difference between waxing vs shaving vs using a hair remover… and about the different waxing styles – apparently a LOT of ladies in that town wax to some extent, more Bikini and Hollywood than Brazilian, but they do like to keep things neat down there!

As the waxing progressed down towards the more sensitive bits, things got even more interesting. From where I was standing I had an excellent view of proceedings (and where things were happening!). From time to time I held my friend’s hand, thinking I was giving her something to grip onto to help ease the pain, but she didn’t seem to need it. So most of the time I stroked her closest leg, touching without being too naughty in Paula’s presence.

As the waxing proceeded closer to her clit and inner lips, I winced more than she did as the wax was yanked off!! She’s obviously used to this by now, but I seemed to be feeling more pain telepathically than she was physically (or maybe / more likely she has a higher pain threshold than I do). Removing the hair around her clit and closer to the labia was a lot more intricate than on the mound, requiring a bit more manoeuvring of the lips and pulling skin taut, more titivating for me and probably more painful for her… But all too soon it was over. I was allowed to do a quality control check, including a bit of lip-manoeuvring of my own, and had to declare that Paula had done an excellent job.

Paula left the room, closing the door over. I guess we could have locked it and been a bit more intimate, but we didn’t want to give the ladies of the salon TOO much to talk about once we had left, so it was just a quick feel and a kiss, and then time for her to get dressed.

As we left the salon, there were big smiles from all the ladies, and I could feel their eyes on us as we walked out. I would love to have been a fly on the wall after we left, to hear what they had to say about our visit…

Unfortunately my friend had other commitments for the rest of the day, and so we weren’t immediately able to go back to the park for me to spend time kissing her better… That would have to wait until our next time together!!