06 Dec 2013

We have good friends who regularly travel and we have the pleasure of house sitting. The house is nestled away in the Franschoek mountains… a lovely thatch house with fire places, naturally, and surrounded by great wine farms as far as the eye can see. What a burden to go and house sit, isn’t it…?

Any way this was a few weeks back and we had the pleasure of the house for two weeks. Naturally my mind went into overdrive, a little organizing and some care full planning!

Tuesday morning, we start exploring more of the town, a lovely light lunch, some wine tasting and all the while dropping little hints that I felt like giving Mrs B a good massage. Well, she is always up for a massage, so this is nothing out of the ordinary. None the less, for my hidden agenda, I needed things to run on time. A quick squeeze of a last afternoon snack and off to our cottage we went. Now Mrs B is very in tune to things out of the ordinary so being careful is an understatement of note. The slightest change in ANYTHING out of the norm triggers the sixth sense!

Step one - light the fire place and get the warmth up in the house.

Step two - prepare a snack platter, all the while talking to Mrs B while she is taking a shower. Multi tasking….. grrrr!

Step three - Open a bottle of red wine & one of white, prepare some water glasses and strategically place the massage oils near by the fire place to warm up.

Step four - lay a mattress down in front of the fire place and stock pile some wood for a long nights pleasure.

Finally - dive into the shower apprehending Mrs B from leaving and spoiling the surprise. Sheew…. !

Ok, were almost there, my phone is on silent and as I have a special surprise for mrs B I need to keep in touch - timing, directions as well as to how to gain entry into the house as the doorbell just wouldn`t work so well for the plan. After the shower I lead my love to the mattress in front of the fire place and blind fold her. So cowboy face is crucial here as this blindfold has a history. No… she doesn`t pick up anything! 

We nestle into a lovely gentle massage with loads of warm oil, my timing as well as Mr Surprise’s timing was spot on. I had about 20 min of gentle massage time relaxing Mrs B, and as planned, on queue, the door quietly opened. Without hesitation our guest quietly placed his jacket and belongings on a nearby chair and proceeded to undress while I continued massaging to the music playing…some French Café. I gestured our guest towards his glass of red wine which funnily enough Mrs B hadn’t spotted. With a smile and all the time in the world our guest savored the wine while enjoying the magnificent view of the fire light on the oiled skin of my love while my hands kept gently massaging her back. After a few minutes, he knelt down on the other side of my love and gently joined in on the massage. Naturally at this point Mrs B realized we were not alone - her body tensed, her breathing quickened… I leaned in to her neck and whispered to her that her masseuse had arrived and her two men were here to serve her…. For the rest of the night!

She didn`t say a word… a little tense but her body ever so slowly regained the relaxed posture of earlier. Now this gentleman is actually a masseuse who also enjoys a more open lifestyle, a little more than just an interest in deep tissue massage! The massaging continued, fire flickers on four hands gently exploring the wonderful terrain of my loves beautiful body. Hours of pleasure was to be enjoyed by all….. After we had done her back, I asked my love to roll over, without any inhabitation or hesitation she did as she was told. The massaging started again on the front side of her lovely body...her breathing was slow and deep and in tune with every hand movement sweeping across her skin. The energy in the room was spectacular… with no words being spoken only sighs and elated enjoyment. Two men changing positions and massaging every inch of her body except her breasts and pussy - neither of us went near, not until much, much later. With no expectations for what the night held in store, no fixed ideas of where it should lead and how it should unfold the night unveiled itself to be absolutely magnificent! To say the least…..!

Looking forward to house sitting soon.

I think it is time to plan another evening! Been way to long.