Written by Plumlicious

06 May 2015

Hi all this is my first time submitting a story so plse be gentle with me.... I'm a virgin :)

This is an email I sent to my friend in Mossel Bay. We hve never met but we great cyber buddies. He lives vicariously thru me so thrives on my escapades or one of my strokes.

I'm telling him about my toyboy, Mike. Black 32 with an athletic body. Read on....

Hi Dean how u doing? I'm sorry I took forever to mail u but here it is, my fuck date with Mike. Hope u enjoy lol

The few times Mike and I hve met we've fucked in his car. But by the third time I was getting annoyed. So finally he take the day off from work and he books us a room.

We don't see each other often but when we do its damn good and I'm all excited with the prospect of all that space.

So we get the keys and once inside he almost throws me on the bed and pull my pants off like, 'why r u wearing this things??' Lol

Once we both naked he puts a pillow under my hips and says, 'there she is open her for me baby!' Making me pull my pussy lips open to reveal my clit for his hungry eyes, but really so his tongue can slowly slide over it. Mmmmm so good....

Then he begins the onslaught on my wet cunt. Vigorously licks and sucks my clit then drives his tongue deep into me. Over and over he does this till I'm moaning loudly and lifting my hips to his face. Then finally he drives two fingers then three deep inside my wet snatch. Omw its so good!

'Is this what u want baby u want me to make u wet??' I'm so lost I can hardly answer him lol

He loves playing with my pussy cos I get so wet which he loves and he enjoys feeling my climaxes yes climaxes lol on his hand. Deeper and deeper he pushes till finally I let out a scream as he hits my gspot.

Damn he is so good! He starts finger fucking me hard and bangs up against my gspot each time making me hve multiple orgasms over and over again. He loves that, loves to feel me clench and release all over his fingers and I'm just laying there almost paralysed and delirious with pleasure. Eventually I can't take it anymore. 'Fuck me baby plse just fuck me....' I cry

'U want me baby' he says and positions himself to plunge into my wet wanting pussy.

He always manages to dive into me on one stroke lol. I think that's why I like him so much, no missing the mark it's always bullseye lol

And then he is driving into me. He loves it hard and fast, well ok everything with him is hard and fast lol. Oh boy it feels so good having his cock bang into me like that. And soon I feel another orgasm building....

And what does he do?

'Don't do that woman, don't come cos you'll make me come and I don't wanna come so soon!'

And now i don't know what to do. I wanna laugh, I wanna cry cos I can't stop but climax. He growls and grits his teeth as he feels me climax again then he pulls out of me and brings his cock to my mouth. 'Suck me baby....'

Of cos I know what to do, this is his most favourite thing he likes about me, my mouth. He says he's addicted to my blowjobs lol

So I grab his cock and suck him holding his balls. He groans as he begins to fuck my mouth and then he goes unto s spasm of note I've never seen. Wow he shudders and jerks uncontrollably over me as my mouth milks him dry. And eventually his body calms down and he pops out of my mouth, collapsing onto the bed and moans, 'I've just had a heart attack, and if I'm not dead then I came damn close!' I of cos giggle cos damn its just so funny. He knows he can't resist my mouth lol

So we rest in each others arms and chat and tease. He likes to talk so I let him while I play with his body.

Running my fingers round and around his nipples and over his muscles. Playfully stroke his resting penis and back up again. I love doing that lol

And then finally he's ready for another round. He jumps up, turns me over and lifts my ass to him so he can ride me doggy style. 'Come on woman don't be lazy lift that ass for me' and smiling I present said ass to him lifting real high as he slides under me to lick my pussy again. Up and down my lips he licks and over and over my clit till I'm rocking with his tongue. But his cock is crying out and finally he positions himself behind me and rams his cock home.

With a groan I move my hips back and we begin to ride each other. And soon I feel a climax built, he feels its too, ' I won't come, u won't make me come....' He growls. But I can't help it, i loose myself in the explosive mind blowing  sensations his cock creates deep in me and I let go. There goes one and soon I build up to another one.... All the while he's just pounding away at my clutching greedy pussy.

Sweat begins to pour off our bodies as we keep up the relentless pace to climb and feel together this climatic release. And then I feel him go ridged and gasp my name in shock but I just hold him tight as we ride the wave then crash to shore. Man was that awesome!!! He hates it when that happens but I love it makes my pussy to happy.

Anyway he rolls off me and grumbles something about the unfairness of life making me laugh and poke him in the ribs. ' What's the matter babes, we've been at it for close on two hrs. You can't be awesome and Super Man, that's way too much for me to handle' I laugh. But he still grumbles, ' You know I wanna just fuck u and fuck u till I can't anymore'

Hahahahahahaha can u believe it, he wants more. So I take his cock in my mouth and I suck him till he can't anymore, till he begs me to let him climax on my boobs, yes my beautiful brown nippled boobs. Slowly I release him from my mouth and in a few short strokes he releases all over me. And that's how we finally ended out wild ride.

Saited and come dripping off me.

I reckon there's no better way to spend a morning.

My darling I hope that was as stupendous for u as it was for me. I hope to do that again soon but still wish someday you will find your way hear so I can give u a dressing down like none other. Lol

Lots a big hugs and wet kisses


I hope everyone enjoyed my first submission. Till next time.....