Written by MyGoddess

12 Dec 2011

My Goddess looks stunning. She is wearing an elegant low-cut, above-knee little black dress and heels only she could wear with such grace. I know she is in a really naughty mood, because her suspenders and hold-up stockings belie the fact that she is not wearing any panties tonight.

We pick him up as arranged and head to the restaurant, which is distinctly up market and quite obviously very popular, judging by how busy it is. He comments on how gorgeous she looks on a number of occasions in between relaxed and comfortable conversation and it is obvious that she is enjoying the attention of 2 men and is starting to smile a lot and flirt back at us.

The waiter is notably surprised by the fact that we are both caressing her hands and arms gently, as he brings the starters. At some point she leans over to me and kisses me, then over to him for a slightly longer, more lingering first kiss. I see a woman at another larger table make a comment, which illicits a group stare and their self-embarrassment at the fact that I noticed. I excuse myself from the table and head to the gents.

Back at our table, his phone notifies him of an sms from me. Unbeknown to him, my Goddess is fully aware of what it says. A little surprised to receive an sms from me, he reads "Do you realize she isn`t wearing any panties?", silently off his phone. She returns his excited smile with a knowing grin and it is obvious from the way they are looking at each other when i return that the tension has gone up a notch or two.

Our mains arrive and our flirting, the brushing touches and now subtle innuendo continue. He is quite obviously very aroused by the thought of her naked pussy just below her skirt against the chair, and knowing her, I am aware at just how wettt, his extended, tortured wait, is making her, which in turn is a huge turn on for me.

After what seems like eternal mental foreplay, we get through desert, settling the bill, and finally leave. He cant take his eyes off her as we walk to the car and I offer some relief by gesturing them into the backseat and chauffeuring them home. Before we have even left the car park they are kissing like lusty teens and I watch in the rear view mirror how his hand subtly drifts up her thigh to finally touch her wanton treasure. I see flashes of unfolding passion when we pass the odd street light and the tension and excitement of the situation is obvious, as she cums within seconds of him slipping his finger between her soaking lips. I battle to keep my eyes on the road but can hear him groan as she manages to get her hand in his trousers and on his eager cock.

They hardly notice that we have arrived and I virtually have to wrestle them off each other in order to get them inside. Its time to join in and team up to please my beautiful Goddess over and over till she can`t possibly want more...