23 May 2019

Ann and I decided to go Zip Lining for the weekend; we booked a bungalow for 6 people as that were the only one we could get that weekend. I asked Alan and Nicole to join us for the weekend and they can bring Mark and Kathy with. Alan confirmed the next day that they and Mark and Kathy will join us. Ann was very excited about the weekend away. But I knew it was about the sex with 9 1/2 inch cocks. We arrived at the Gorge about 16hoo that Friday afternoon, unpacked and went for a walk. Alan and them arrived shortly after that, we help them unpack and sat outside on the balcony chatting and having drinks. It started getting dark and chilly, I went inside and light a log fire, we started to BQ, mark and Alan was catching fish. All the ladies were inside making salads, I looked through the window, Nicole had her hands under Ann's blouse playing with tits, Ann was kissing Kathy, and it was so horny watching the ladies having fun. I went inside to get a dish for the meat, Nicole had her hand in Kathy's pants, playing with her pussy, sucking Ann's tits, and Ann and Kathy were still kissing. I got the plat, brought the meat inside, Alan and Mark joined us. After we had our food, poured more drinks and went outside as Mark and Alan wanted to catch more fish. I was standing with all the ladies chatting, my cock was already hard from watching the ladies playing with each other, I dropped my pants on the balcony, each lady had a turn giving me a blow job, Nicole gives the best deep throat blow job. Alan and Mark joined us on the balcony, dropped their pants, Ann went straight to Alan, given him a blow job, Nicole was sucking Mark's cock and Kathy was sucking mine. I turned Kathy around, facing the water on the balcony, pushed my cock into her pussy from behind, fucked her slow but deep, Mark and Alan followed, Alan was fucking Ann from behind, and Mark was fucking Nicole from behind. All the ladies especially Ann started moaning out loud, we had other people on the sides of us. I told the ladies to keep their decibels down; all the ladies put the hands over their mouths. I was the first to shoot my cum in to Kathy's pussy, I pulled my cock out and went inside and had a shower, the door opened and Kathy joined me in the shower, we washed each other, when we returned to the lounge they all were inside naked, Ann and Alan went to shower, than Mark and Nicole. We sat in the lounge with the log fire and no lights. All the guys had only sleeping shorts on and the ladies had sexy lingerie on. Having drinks and playing a game called truth or dare, when it was my turn, I ask Ann the question, truth or dare? Ann was in very naught moods, Ann replied; dare; I dared her to suck all 3 guys' cocks at the same time. Ann was more than happy to do that. Mark, Alan and I got up, standing in front of Ann, she pulled our pants down, taking my cock in her right hand, Alan cock in her left hand and Mark's cock in her mouth, Ann tried getting all 3 cocks in her mouth, but there was no ways it was going to happen. I turned Ann around, pushed my hard cock into her pussy, Alan and Mark was still in front of Ann, Ann made turns sucking each cock, I fucked Ann hard, slow and deep, Alan and I swapped, Alan was behind, fucking Ann, I turned and looked at Nicole and Kathy, they had a thick and long, bubble headed dido, which they pushed into their pussies, legs were across each other, Nicole and Kathy were fucking each other with that dido. Alan and Mark swapped, Mark fuck Ann hard and fast, Ann stopped sucking us, lifted head up, cried out load, oh god I'm coming, Mark pulled his cock out, squirted his cum all over Ann's back, Alan went behind Ann, fucked her hard and fast, I squired my cum into Ann's mouth, Alan than squirted his cum into Ann's pussy. Nicole and Kathy were crying out loud, having multiple orgasms. We all had a shower again, had coffee and went off to bed.

The next morning we went zip lining, on the 14th line Nicole did not lift her bum high enough and hit the water, she was completely wet all over, but also hurt her back. We got back to the base and decided to go site seen, when we turned to the base we decided to do the scooter riding. We all started the trail but Nicole had to stop as her back was to sore. We completed the trial and returned back to the base. Nicole was sitting and waited for us. We got back to our bungalow about 17hoo, all the ladies had a shower, Mark, Alan and I showered and I started the B.Q fire again, Mark and Alan started fishing. All the ladies were sitting outside chatting, I finished cocking the meat and we all sat eating and chatting about the Zip lining. We had drinks outside but it was getting cold, so we all went inside, I lit the log fire again, Nicole was hurting, as her back was sore, Ann and Kathy was sitting by Alan and Mark, we put one of the mattes on the floor in the lounge, I was rubbing Nicole's back with Vick's vapor rub as that is all we had. Nicole was naked lying on the mattes face down and I was giving her a back massage. Ann was on her knees giving Mark a blow job; Kathy was giving Alan a blow job. Kathy turned Ann around and started kissing her on the lips, removing all Ann's clothes, Ann laid down next to us on the mattes, Kathy removed all her cloth, started muffing Ann, sucking her clit, tongue fucking her, Ann cried out load, oh fuck that's good, Alan kneeled next to Ann with his cock in her mouth, Alan was behind Kathy, fucking her, Kathy had to come up a few times, crying out, lowed herself, sucking Ann's pussy, Mark and Alan swapped, Mark pushed his thick long cock into Kathy pussy, fuck her hard and deep. Kathy got up and sat on the table, Mark stood in front of her fucking her hard, Alan climbed on top of Ann, pushing his big cock into Ann's pussy, fucking her hard and fast, Mark and Alan swapped, Mark was on his knees between Ann's legs, holding his cock in his hand, rubbing his cock head against Ann pussy, Ann cried out, hole shit and started to squirt, Mark pushed his 9 1/2 thick cock completely into Ann's pussy, I watched as that trunk disappear into her pussy, Ann was crying out loud, fuck me harder, having multiple orgasms. Nicole got up on her hands and knees, told me to fuck her now from behind, I took my cock into my hand, pushing it in to Nicole's pussy, my cock was on fire from the Vick's, Nicole said; my pussy is on fire, fuck me harder, fuck me harder, I fuck her hard and fast, squirted my cum into her pussy, Nicole cried out, fuck that was amazing, I have never come that quickly. I must say that it was also amazing for me, having that burning sensation and an orgasm at the same time. Alan and Mark come and took a slight bit of Vick's and rub it on their cocks, Alan pushed it into Ann's pussy, fucked her hard and fast, crying out; fuck that is amazing, Alan and Ann come together. Kathy also cried out, that's hot; Mark squirted his cum over Kathy's legs.

We all showered, had coffee and went to bed. The next morning we packed and left to go back home.

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