Written by Warrior

27 Mar 2014

Years ago I was a instructor in the Army and a living in. I got a visit from two lady collegues.

One night I was in bed when there was a nock at my room door, I shouted that who ever it was could enter, I was in bed reading. I was amazed when Shirly's head popped around the door as ask can she come in. Now I was not naked in the bed but very surprised by the visit because Shirly didn't stay in the camp.

I said that she could come and made a excuse for being in bed but that it was past 10pm. She smiled and walked in, just on her heels was a friend of hers Madelain another surprise. Now Shirly wasn't a looker but had a great body and Madelain was ok looking with a cuddly body both had neat dresses on. Shirly said that they were. In the area and wondered if I would make them coffee. I said ok got out of bed, explained that I only had 2 cups but I would be back shortly. I slipped on a tshirt and left the room to go and get a extra cup. The mess had a window that could not close and we used it to get provisions we needed. I got a extra cup, a litre of milk and a packet of bakers mixed cookie. Climbed back through the window to my room. When I got there the door was closed, funny because I had left it open. Anyway I opened the door walked in and nearly dropped everything because of the site that greeted me.

There on my bed was Shirly laying naked legs opened wide and Madelain eating her pussy also naked with her plump round bum in the air pointing straight at me. Madelain was also busy fingering herself. I put the things down and walked closer, my cock jumped out of the front if my sleepshorts. Shirly motioned me closer and said "Surprise". With that she took my cock in hand and started to gently wank me and suck me. After a couple of minutes I moved behind Madelain gave her pussy a quick lick and suck found her very very wet. I then shoved my very hard cock into her and my was that nice. I started fucking slowly. Shirly had switched to a 69 position under Madelain with Shirly now licking Madelains pussy and my cock and balls as I was fucking Madelain witch I must say is heavenly, Madelain carried on eating Shirly.

Madelain said she was about to cum and her pussg muscles started to clamp on my cock the next minute she started to shake as she came as she finished I rammed her one last time shot my load into and withdrew some of cum hit Shirly in the mouth aswell as a mixture of mine and Madelains cum. I climbed off the bed and the 2 girls sat up. I gave them a towel to wipe themselves. I put on the kettle, we drank coffee and Shirly explained that Madelain had wondered about a threesome and Shirly had said that I might be game but did not know how to ask so they came up with this plan. I said I was very glad that they had. We were sitting naked when Shirly put her cup down and said it her turn now. She laid back opened her legs and ordered me to eat her pussy wich I gladly did. I layed on my side as Madelain started to play with my soft cock she started to suck me back to hardness a couple of minutes later with Shirly moaning and Madelain making slurpy noises my cock was rock hard and ready again I shifted between Shirly's legs and she guided me into her. I started slowly banging her she begged to be fucked hard and lifted her legs high into the air. I fucked good and hard and she wrapped her legs around my waistvas she came forcing me to cum deep in her pussy. When we were finished Madelain sucked my semi hard cock explaining that our mixed juices tasted devine.

We layed together and chatted with the girls taking turns in playing and sucking my cock and me fingering their very wet pussies. I fucked Madelain once more before they left. It was the beginning of a great relationship.