Written by softone

25 Mar 2014

We will be going on a 4 x 4 trip in the morning. All the check lists are done and we need to get on early in the morning.

I arrive at my friends house, just to see the gate is wide open...I drive in and see the garage door is open as well, but not strange as my friend knows I am coming and need to leave early. I get out and walk out into the garage and into the lounge area.....calling his name but with no reply.

I go down the passage just to find him with a stunning blond still asleep in bed...my heart start pounding by the thought of seeing all the cloths that normally fit to dress a woman well...on the floor and the passage..

I call his name and they both opens their eyes..he naughty as me lift the covers of the bed...exposing her long slim body and his hard penis...on her leg...she have nothing on to cover her clitoris pushing out of her lips...

She smiles at me as they still are still ready to party as they came home just a hour or so before.

He rips the bead spread off and gets on top of her...spreading her legs...pushing his hard cock with a swivel to the left hand side...his cock as thick as my arm...she moans and laughs soon after he put it hard up in her warm wet pussy..

I stand there with a mouth open....heart goes tedoef...tedoef...tedoef...my penis goes rock hard..

I take my shirt off and drops my pants there on the spot...I go and stand near her head as he still fucks her till she moans like a woman making a movie...she pulls hard on my cock...suck on it and I stand there with a way to pull her from the bed and fuck her against the wall senseless...

my friend pulls out and leaves a hole big enough to put two of my cocks in...it closes as she gasps for air...she spread her legs again and pulls me on the bed..I go on and climb over her sexy legs...her breast so hard and nipples so long...would be long enough to hang my cloths on...I grab a condom off the bed side table, she takes it and takes out off the packet...she puts it in her mouth...sit up and slide it over my cock with her mouth...so sexy..I go down and put myself into her...she pulls me down and she kiss me full on the mouth...she ask me to make slow love with her...barely saying it out loud...I take her cross and to the other side...slow..shorts ones...then a slow deep one...She looks me in the eyes..telling me she like it so much...ooo...ow...yes...oo..ow..she goes on..she begins to moan and I go harder and deeper...leaving it hard in after I knock my balls hard against her wet pussy...my friend kissing her breast...stroking her..

She moans and we go on and I come....full load .....the condom feels full...

I pull out...and roll over..

We lay for a while...got up and gone to the shower...we three ..we start again and we fuck her one by one...water running over my face and long hair..

We were so late at the 4 x 4 gathering as she pulled my penis in the lounge before I wanted to go out...I got hard and we later fuck again for the third time..my penis red and sore...

We got so late..but we did not mind....