Written by Svengali

26 Feb 2018

My lady partner who is a big busted blonde and I have had quite a few experiences.

After one foursome with a younger athletic guy, he suggests that we contact a certain lady, Christine. Says she is a bit older than we are, but loves to fuck. I contact her and make a date with her to go to her place, and have a 4 sum with her and the guy who recommended her.

We get to her place one evening. She is a nice looking woman, not the type one would think of for a 4 sum.

We go in have a few drinks and she tells us that the guy is not coming. Can't make it. We are sitting in the lounge, just talking. We don't know what to do, but she suggests that maybe we 3 should have some fun. She strips off. Has a flawless skin, small, firm breasts. She sits down in front of Sharon, my partner and proceeds to take off Sharon's clothes. Her large breasts fall out of the bra. She pulls off Sharon's panties, exposing her pussie. Sharon is looking at me with a 'what do I do now' look. I whisper in her ear 'just let her do whatever she wants'.

Christine opens Sharon's legs and goes straight for her pussie with her tongue. And stays there. Sharon is now into the moment. Enjoying it. Then Christine is mouthing Sharon's breasts, sucking like she owns them.

I let this go on. And on.

Christine goes to the bedroom, gets a duvee and places it on the lounge floor.

'I want to watch you fuck her', she says. Sharon lies down, I fuck her. Christine is kissing and sucking Sharon's breasts. And kissing Sharon her tongue deep inside Sharon's mouth. And Sharon responds well.

I fuck Sharon, until Christine asks me to fuck her. I get into her, she goes wild, Sharon is handling her breasts. I fuck her until she comes. Then I fuck Sharon again. As I come I pull out of her and shoot my cum onto her breasts. Christine licks it off. The 3 of us lie there, satisfied.

And not that much later, we did it again.

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