Written by hotrod

25 Feb 2015

My Sunday started as a normal lazy chilled day, until I received a whatsapp from junior who was seeking my attention again. I had plans arranged, but cut them short and arrived back home at 15h00. Informed junior that I will be home then and after if he is keen to meet for some fun. The week's conversations were, how am I going to take advantage of this hot sexy dude and get a kick out of it, as this will be my first time taking advantage of the male species.

He arrived just after 16h00, giving one another a warm welcome passionate kiss. Sat and chatted while having a smoke.

I started undressing myself, tights off first then top, sitting butt naked on the couch, telling him to remove his clothes. Laid the duvet on the floor and brought the toys out.

We started off caressing each other and kissing. He laid me down and started kissing me from my neck down to my nipples to my inner thighs, which automatically spread with him teasing my clit with his teeth and tongue into an instant squirt. Filling his mouth and face, tasting my cum on his lips when we kissed. I went down on him and started teasing his cock and balls with my tongue and mouth until he moaned with pleasure.

Releasing his penis, standing up to get to the toys so that I could start teasing and pleasing this hunk of a man, he entered me suddenly from behind, hard and deep, it took my breath away, my that felt so good. I had multiple squirts and asked him to stop as I did not want him cumming now.

I took my pink dildo and lube out and ordered him to lie on his stomach, legs spread. I started kissing him from his neck down to his toes, on the insides of his thighs, feeling him spread the legs wider until I got to his ass and started rimming him while squeezing his balls and rubbing his cock which was starting to grow again. I took the dildo, lubed it and started playing around with it at his ass hole, slowly and gently sliding it in, till it was nice and deep, and started fucking his ass with the dildo. The moans of pleasure was so exciting it turned me on big time. I turned him around still with the dildo in his ass, spread his legs and started to deep throat him while I fucked his ass with the dildo. His hips moving up and down to the rhythm of my mouth taking his cock deep inside and the dildo fucking his ass. More moans of pleasure from him made me so horny that I actually had a squirt while pleasuring his cock and ass. He grabbed my arms, lifted his head, gave one loud moan and cried out babe I am going to come now, and filled my mouth with his young yummy cum and fell to the floor wasted.

I cannot wait for our next sexual adventure babe................... Lots still to explore....................