Written by Funpeople

21 Sep 2012

If you think the first meeting was interesting ,the second was pure fantasy full exploding passion and everything you would dream of . We the guys stayed in touch after our first meet and awesome experience. Obviously we were so into each other that we the guys met for drinks on Tuesday nite to plan our next meet.. ( the second meet) Interestingly when u meet a couple no matter how professional and smart and intelligent we all could be , there's very little else to talk about but stuff u wud never talk to any other normal person about. Sex lust fantasies 3 somes 4 somes exciting moments other couples likes dislikes anything ur mind can think of that's normally sexually inhibited.

Anyway we planned our meeting again for wednesday at 11 am. We called each other wed around 10 am we met at a local hotel at 11. Times r convienient for us all for obvious reasons. "I" booked and paid for the room in advance and they all followed one by one to our room . Since I didn't see my lady for 24 hrs we had some catching up to do. She's sexy gorgeous and always so into me it's truly heart pumping.( she wasn't feeling all that well that morn and wasn't gonna come but she decided that shel only come to watch cos she's really not well.)

We all chat for a few minutes. I lie. A minute. This other gorgeous sexy extremely horney beautiful girl ( she's 24) (and just looking at her gives me a hard on ) grabs me and starts to unzip my pants No kissing foreplay nothing. She just wants my cock. I slow down and pull away. We all laugh. We all chat and order some drinks which takes forever. I start kissing my chic and they do same. Slowly my chic gets all horney and starts to unzip me and starts sucking. She's obviously horney and she shows it. The other cpl do the same.

Couple 2 goes at It as well . Sex is in the air. We all smell good and we are all pleased that we have appealing ppl all around us. This makes a big difference to our mood and we become even more excited and adventurous. I lie back and my lady calls the other to join her . Two beauts r sucking on my cock. They r going at it like there's no Tom. Experimenting with it and doing things with their tounges and lips and mouth one sucks my balls and the other enjoys my tip. They start kissing each other and the guy now gets horney and his pants r off and he's playing with his. His is rock hard and much bigger than mine. (I ask him if he wants to join them ). It was a joke. We all laugh. No drinks asyet. Just crazy adventure. We r all wild now.

The ladies r obviously enjoying the experience more than us now cos they start to kiss and suck each other all over. Each enjoying the others tits and bodies. It's awesome. The guy joins me and his chic starts to suck him. Mine who was not well earlier is so freaken arroused that she starts to suck his cock as wel. So naturally. this makes me go wild. I'm so fucken hard now. Watching her suck this strange cock so comfortably and passionately was soooo mind fucking for me. She goes on and I'm like tryoing to get her to stop and come bac. She does. We all take a break. Our drinks arrive. Mine is not drinking thou.

We get back at it and now everyone is naked. The room is full of sex. The air is lust. We suck and touch and we r hard and the ladies are all wet. My ladie cannot fuck cos of certain reasons so we three start on this one chick. One on her boobs one teasing her pussy and one cock in her mouth. She's enjoying all the hands on her. Shes wet and she comes. The bed get s wet . Both us guys start to fuck her now and we both have turns and enjoy her wet wet pussy. She comes again and this time she squirts. My lady asks me if I've taken something cos I'm rock hard. The reality is u don't have to cos the experience and the excitement makes u this way. U in a kind of trance. We go at it for about 30 mins. This chicks riding me and mines sucking my balls. She comes of me and starts to join mine on my cock. They r both now sucking me. They want me to come and they say it. They want the taste and they want to lick it of each other. They repeatedly say so. I cum as they r sucking me and this chick starts to lick my cock and cum of me and so does my lady. It's sexily messy. They suck it all of and start to enjoy it in their mouths while kissing each other. It was mind blowing. Will never forget. After a while he fucks her and shoots his load in her . She's totally satisfied. We all rest and my lady's got to rush of to work. We stay and have a few drinks and plan our next meet. Awesome and amazing.

Some notes. ( we the guys met the day before and we were very mature about things. We both agreed to go to a nearby pharmacy and do an aids check. We said if we were going to do this we were gona do it rite. And we did just that. Hope u guys enjoyed reading. All fact and true. We thought wed share this experience with u to show u that its really possible. Wait for our next post.