Written by TAMMY

26 Aug 2015

Weekend before last, my friend from school-days, Milo, stayed with me. (Read diary dated 4 NOV 2014.’’Sandy Bay’’ to read about Milo)

She now lives in the USA in upstate New York. She married a very rich stock-market guy some years ago, but found that he was cheating on her with his bimbo secretary (age 19 or so- Milo got suspicious when she first saw the girl- huge boobs, tiny waist, long blond hair and the IQ of a potato. She waited a while, and then hired a private detective to check- sure enough; the frequent business trips had the bimbo accompanying him. The private detective provided photos not only of her husband and the girl, but also of a foursome- her husband and two other execs from his company taking turns fucking the girl one night in a swank hotel. Milo sued for divorce, and got an out-of-court settlement of over $10m, plus the holiday house, the Jag sports car and a huge monthly allowance)

Milo was in SA to attend the wedding of a friend of hers, so she stayed with me for the weekend. She always was quite busty and a bit plump, but she has matured into a very beautiful, sexy woman- huge dark brown eyes, shoulder-length curly dark brown hair, stunning big boobs and not too plump at all- just nice and curvy. She is the sort of woman that men can’t help staring at- she exudes sex appeal for some reason.

Anyway, Milo went to the wedding on Saturday afternoon and I picked her up at the reception in Pretoria around 5 pm. We were on our way back to my house in Rivonia when she suggested that, as it was a nice afternoon, we stop off at a pub on the way for a drink before going home. She suggested the Dros, on Zambezi drive. I was surprised that she knew the name of a pub in Pretoria, but she said that a guy at the wedding had recommended it. So we stopped there and ordered a drink, sitting outside on the benches.

No sooner had we got our drinks, than 3 guys walked up to us. The one guy greeted Milo, who seemed to know him. She introduced me to him (James) and he introduced us to his friends Allan and Dylan. Milo said that she had met James at the wedding.

They joined us, and I suggested to Milo that we needed the bathroom- girl code for ‘’I want to talk to you’’!

When we were out of their hearing, I said to her

‘’what a coincidence! The pub you select at random just turns out to be the place where a guy who you met at the wedding turns up’’

‘’Yes’ ’she said’’ isn’t it?’’

‘’Fuck off Milo, ‘’I said. ’This was arranged. What’s going on?’’

She then admitted that it was in fact no coincidence (duh!). She had spoken to this guy at the wedding, and they had sort of flirted, but he was there with his wife, so no more than that. When they were leaving, he said to Milo that he and 2 friends were going to the Dros on Zambezi after the wedding, as his wife was going to meet up with friends of hers for a girls evening.

So, there we were- at least I knew what was going on!

We went back to the guys. James was older, about mid 40’s I guess, and I could see what had attracted Milo. He was good looking, very well groomed and well dressed, with a lovely smile and nice blue eyes. He had a great sense of humour, and was fun to be around.

Allan was about his age, a bit shorter, with cropped greying hair and a powerful physique. Dylan was a bit younger I think, maybe late 30’s, taller than either of the others, with very broad shoulders and slim hips, which fitted nicely into his quite tight jeans. He also had a cute bum!

We chatted a while, and the James suggested that we go to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We did so and it was a great evening. Lots of wine, chatting and jokes. James and the other two were all British- he knew them via business somehow, although they had not been at the wedding.

When we had finished our coffees, we were about to get into our cars, when James asked whether we all would like to go the guest- house where Dylan and Allan were staying for a ‘’nightcap’’.

As I don’t drink, it was safe for Milo and I to do this, and she seemed to be really enjoying James’s company, so I agreed.

We drove the 10kms to the guest house. It was a very fancy place, all old furnishings, antiques and elegant finishes. It consisted of a main house, where there were apparently a few rooms, and two cottages, one of which Allan and Dylan were staying in.

We skirted the pool, and went to the one cottage. It was also very nicely done, with two bedrooms, a lounge/Dining area and a kitchenette. Outside, it had a small Jacuzzi in a walled private garden

We sat down, and the guys got some cocktails and liqueurs out. Allan put some music on, and we settled back, relaxed and chilled.

After a while ( bear in mind that they had all had quite a bit to drink by now), James and Milo, who had been sitting very near to each other on the couch, got up and started to dance to the slow blues music. I was sitting on a lounge chair on my own, and Dylan and Allan were sitting on bar stools.

We watched Milo and James dance for a while. Milo had her body pressed hard up against James, his hands on her bum and lower back. She was wearing a long pencil-pleated skirt and a loose blouse, and I could see her boobs pressed up against his chest.

As they danced, James slid his hand under her blouse at the back, and held her like that, running his hand up and down her bare back under the blouse.

She wriggled her pelvis against him, pressing her pussy towards his crotch.

Dylan looked over at me, and asked if I wanted to dance. I was very relaxed by now, and quite sleepy. I said sure, and got up. He came over, took me by the hand, and led me to the centre of the lounge area. Putting his arms loosely around me, we started to dance alongside Milo and James. Allan was still sitting on a bar-stool, watching.

The music was slow, and the lighting turned down. With the doors to the garden open, I could feel the breeze from outside and smell the grass, damp from being watered earlier I guessed. It was a very tranquil and relaxed place to be, dancing with Dylan. He was quite a lot taller than I am, and he held me loosely around my waist with one arm, his other arm higher up my back. As we danced, he began to stroke my neck and back under my hair. I leaned a bit closer to him, resting my head on his chest. He took it slowly- I was ready to be persuaded to go further, but I wasn’t going to just start playing right away- I wanted to be seduced I guess ( girls will know what I mean- sometimes we are ready and willing to get on with sex, other times we want the guy to work a bit at it first!)

He lifted my hair off away from my face, and lightly kissed my cheek, I think to see what the reaction would be. I hugged him a bit closer, showing that I was ok with that. I held him around his waist, feeling his hard body under his t shirt. Letting my hips move closer to him, I pressed against him. I could feel that he had an erection already, hard against my pussy, but a bit higher due to his height.

He put his hands on my sides, hugged me- his hands just under the sides of my boobs. I was wearing a halter-neck dress, quite short, and a very lightweight bra under it. As his hands moved up, he touched the sides of my boobs, caressing them. It felt nice and sexy. He touched my chin, lifting my face to his, and leaned forward to kiss me- first on my cheek, then on my mouth. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue around his lips, then into his mouth, tasting the whiskey and feeling the slight stubble on his lips. Delicious and masculine.

His hands rested on my boobs, feeling them, feeling for my nipples. They grew hard at his touch, poking through the bra, and he fondled them, teasing them as they got harder and more sensitive

I put my hands on his bum, pulling him hard against me, feeling his cock against me, moving a bit from side to side to feel it.

As we turned while moving slowly to the music, I looked at Milo and James. He had lifted her blouse right up, and undone her bra. He was bent forward, kissing first one nipple, then the other, her large breasts thrusting out from under her blouse. Allan was watching, his mouth open, and one hand on his crotch. Milo saw me looking at her, smiled and lifted her blouse off, and shrugged out of her bra. Standing there, topless, she looked amazing- voluptuous, big tanned boobs and large erect nipples, still wearing her full-length pleated skirt. As James cupped her boobs and lifted them to his mouth, she reached behind her back, unzipped her skirt, and let it drop to the floor. She had on a very tiny thong, with a minute triangle of clear fabric covering her pussy. Even in the fairly dim light I could see her pussy lips forming a distinct camel-toe, with no hair visible.

Dylan took my hand to lead me back to the couch. I didn’t really want to have sex in front of James and Allan, so, taking my handbag off the floor, I led him down the passage to where I guessed the bedrooms would be. Sure enough, the first door on the left was a bedroom. I went in, and closed the door. The curtains were open, with moonlight streaming in.

I turned to face him, and lifted his t-shirt up. I wasn’t tall enough to get it over his head and arms, so he did that. I undid the buckle of his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled them down.

His cock was big and hard in his jocks. He kicked off his Nikes, and stepped out of his jeans. Standing there, naked, he looked great- he had a strong body, with big shoulders tapering to a narrow waist, with firm arms, chest and legs. He wasn’t completely shaved, but I think he had trimmed his pubic hair, as it was short, and there was none on his cock or balls.

I stroked his cock, feeling how hard it was, the head big and prominent, and his balls tight with desire.

I pushed him gently to the edge of the bed, and he sat down. Pushing him some more, he lay back, his cock sticking up. I undid my dress halter-neck, and let it fall off my boobs, then I stepped out of it, standing in my bra and g- string. He was staring at me, alternating between my boobs and my pussy.

I undid my bra, and then took off my g -string. His eyes were now riveted on my pussy. I stood like that for a second or two, letting him look. When he looked up at me, I held his gaze, then put one hand on my pussy, and let my finger trace a line along my slit, still watching him. He was like a kid in a candy-store- his cock was twitching a bit, his hands by his sides.

I climbed onto the bed, very aroused now. I was going to suck his cock, kneeling between his legs, but as I started to get into that position, he pulled at my hips, pulling them toward his head. I rotated as he pulled- then he lifted one leg over his head, so I was now straddling him, but facing upside down in a 69 position over him, my pussy over his face and my head over his cock.

I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth. It wasn’t huge, but it was big, and VERY hard. He pulled on my bum, lowering my pussy to his face, and I felt his tongue start to lick my slit, probing, tickling, and flicking at my clit. His hands stroked my bum, between my cheeks, running his fingers along, over my bum-hole, to my pussy and back, all the while his tongue licked deeper into my pussy.

I was battling to concentrate on sucking him. I think I even stopped every so often, as his tongue pushed deeper into me. I could feel it licking the inside pussy-lips, widening my pussy, lapping at its wetness. My clit was hard now, every time his tongue touched it, it was like an electric shock through me.

I was very aroused, ready to be fucked hard. I pushed down with my pussy, and he responded by thrusting a finger into my pussy, driving it in deep, all the way till his hand touched my lips, his finger as deep as it could go. Feeling for my g spot, he began to drive his finger in and out, while massaging my clit with his other hand.

I began to move more and more as he did this, feeling the arousal build in me. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, deep-throating him for a second or two before taking it back out, and sucking hard, pulling at the head with my lips, then playing with his balls, which were tight against his cock.

He took his mouth away from my pussy, and said

‘’if you keep doing that, I am going to cum in your mouth!’’

I laughed, and took his cock out of my mouth.

‘’oh no you don’t’’ I said.

I got off him, got a condom out of my bag, and slid it onto his cock.

Getting back on the bed, I was going to get on top of him, but he rolled me over onto my back. I bent my knees, opening my pussy to his cock. He climbed on top of me, and I moved his cock so that it parted my pussy-lips, sliding into me easily as I was very wet. He pushed into me, and I felt his hardness fill my cunt, deep into me. He thrust like that for a while, arousing me even more. Then he withdrew, took my legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. As he got over me again, he rolled me more onto my shoulders, so my legs were over my body in a jack-knife position, my knees over my face. In that position, my cunt was facing up, and he positioned himself over it, sliding his cock all the way into me. He could of course not lie on me like that- it would hurt my back, so he supported himself on his arms and legs, and fucked slowly, deeply into me. I felt exposed, vulnerable and erotic. The only sound in the room was our breathing, and the wet sound of his cock pumping in and out of my cunt.

He fucked faster, careful not to push too hard in case he hurt my back by leaning on me. I heard him start to moan and pant. I gripped his bum, opening his cheeks and pulling him into me, my nails digging into him as I felt my own orgasm starting.

I felt a warm rush in my pussy, the tingling growing and growing till it burst out, the feeling coursing through me, filling me as I cried out as the orgasm took hold. He gave a few more thrusts and began to cum in me, holding still for as second, then pumping hard and fast as the cum squirted into the condom, his bum clenching as he fucked jets of cum in me.

He seemed to cum for quite a while, then, as he slowed, I felt a second smaller orgasm , so I pulled him closer again to make him keep pumping till that subsided also.

He got off me and took the condom off, and we lay next to each other, panting, sweaty and slick with juices and cum.

When we had recovered, we each wrapped a towel around us from the en-suite bathroom, and went back to the lounge where we had left Milo, James and Allan.

They were still busy. Milo was standing at the bar, bent forward. James was standing behind her, fucking her from the back, and Allan was sitting on the bar-stool, his cock in her mouth. They were oblivious to us, fucking hard, James’s cock slamming into Milo’s cunt with a slapping sound, Milo sucking rapidly on Allan’s cock.

James suddenly gave a series of rapid gasps, and came in her cunt, ramming in even harder each time. No sooner had he stopped cumming, then he took his cock out. He didn’t have a condom on, and his thick cock was covered in her juices and his cum. He moved away from behind her, and she pulled Allan’s hands, guiding him to behind her. James had hardly moved out of the way when Allan took his place, his cock sliding into her wet and slippery cunt.

He was very ready to cum, as was she, and it didn’t take long before he began to groan and pant, and he came in her just as she came, reaching behind her to pull him hard into her, and make him keep fucking until she was done also.

They sat on the couches, naked and sweaty like us. I think the guys were a little embarrassed at being naked in front of each other-I don’t think they had done this before, like that.

We very soon got dressed and had coffee. Later, I drove with Milo back to my house, where we bathed, chatted a while, and slept very well!