Written by Ordinary_Sexual

27 Dec 2017

I don’t always write at the time it happens..so timelines don’t always match.

So a while ago I go meet someone for breakfast I’ve chatted to a few days. We seem to get along well, as I usually seem to do with most. He has an attractive face though short. I enjoy men that are just at least slightly taller than me. The 1st experience with N was not how we both wanted it to turn out, but the 2nd experience with M was awesome, wet, squirtingly delicious

After breakfast i go to N's place. He looooves talking . Eventually I go freshen up and he goes to shower. I wait on my stomach on his bed in my black bra & black lacy panties that shows my but cheeks. I expect him to immediately touch me and get it on. But he gets under the covers and talks another hr.

Eventually he puts his hand in my panties & plays with my clit. I tell him to get a towel as I’m starting to wet his sheets quite a bit. He makes me Cum, but his stomach he says is not feeling well. We don’t fuck and I tell him I’ll rather go so he can medicate himself.

However as I drive home M messages and asks if I’m busy. I say no come over in 2hrs.

I shower and put on my black lingerie. He is very tall and slim athletic build. We met before and chatted quite a while. We have the same sense of humour etc.

We get halfway through 1st drink when he kisses me and I get up to take him to bedroom. As I stand though he kisses me again and I take my clothes off exposing my pushed up breasts in the black lingerie. He is very vocal which I enjoy. His hand goes down and into my pussy. He plays with my clit while I’m standing and I have to hold on to him not to fall over having my sensitive clit played with.

We go to bedroom where I already put a thick towel down. And he’ll soon see why.

He undresses and his hard thick cock looks good on his tall athletic body. He takes my breasts out my lingerie so they jiggle over the lingerie with every movement we make. His fingers enter my pussy and rubs my clit alternating between the two. His face is pure raw aggressive lust with moans coming from him as I gyrate and get wetter. He takes my lingerie off. Then he sits next to me and puts his 2 to 3 fingers on my gspot and vigorously finger fucks me.

The next minute we can both hear the fluids inside me and I moan loudly, his one hand goes over my breast and to my neck, Choking me lightly. I squirt on his hand that I can see the squirt splash past his hand in the air and on to our bodies. “oh my fuck you didn’t tell me that part”. He rubs my own squirt over my body. I say “I don’t tell people I can squirt as it seldomly happens, then they feel disappointed”.

And so he sucks on my clit while fingering me and I’m sucking his cock. A few times he makes me squirt...fluid just squirting on to him and the towel, him rubbing his face through my pussy and rubbing my fluids on me.

He gets on me and I rub my clit with the tip of his cock. Not entering me but just rubbing on me making me cum and he has to stop me so he won’t cum.

He gets on his back and let’s me bend over him on all 4’s. He rubs my dripping wet clit, tugging on my clit & finger fucking me for what feels like ages. I’m Cumming again and again..his moans spurs me on and he’s saying “you’re just Cumming everywhere”

He slaps my ass a few times too as I fuck his hand.

Finally he puts the condom on and I slide his cock into me. I ride his cock for a while feeling his thickness in me and him pushing up into me.

he makes me lie on my back on edge of the bed with my legs up, pounding me deep, fast until he cums.

We watch TV for a bit and laugh, both playing with ourselves and touching each other. Later I suck his cock again and he rubs my clit again.

Again a 2nd condom goes on and I get on his cock again on my haunches basically and ride him lifting up and down. Then he turns me on my knees doggy and I’m reaching for my clit as he fucks me vigorously from behind.

We’re spent and wet and slippery...a good night behind us....squirting fun