Written by loveNfun

22 Feb 2016

A true story

Gus was a good friend. An intelligent and charming Latin American, very open, loved talking and joking about sex. And a lot of other stuff too. As someone in media and film, he always had lots of interesting tales and adventures.

My wife Bridget came home one afternoon. She had an interesting little smile on her face.

"I was at Gus's, massaging him"

"mm hmm" I responded. Nothing unusual in that.

"He told me it was making him horny"

"Oh rii-ight," suddenly I was all ears. I asked "and then?"

"Well I told him that I was starting to feel horny too," she said smiling more, looking at my face keenly.

What the fuck! My heart was suddenly pounding. A lot. Jealousy swept through me. And something else. I got up, paced around muttering and then sat down again.

"It's ok, nothing happened, just thought I'd tell you,” she said.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. We had a few friends round for drinks. I walk into the kitchen and Gus and Bridget are there alone, chatting, both leaning against the counter. I walk up to Bridget, kiss her hard on the mouth. She’s surprised at first but kisses me back. I slip her dress strap off her shoulder, exposing her breast which I take into my hand. I squeeze it picking her nipple. Things are getting hot but nothing more happens that night.

We all know where this is going though.

Drinks at Gus’s the next night. Once the last of the others leave, we are lying n his sofa, all three of us cuddling at first, then we start kissing and touching. We move into the bedroom and get undressed.

Lots more kissing, touching ,licking and sucking. We are all really horny. Gus suggests that we could leave it at this level.

“No,: “ say,” I want to see you fuck her.” Breathlessly. I can’t believe I’m saying this. He obliges and enters her. Watching them fuck i cannot believe how turned on I am. watching his cock inside her pussy makes my head spin with lust and the shear thrill. Old beliefs and boundaries dissolve as their pleasure mounts. It felt safe and we are not worrying about condoms. He is also besides himself (there has been a looong build-up) and cums inside her before too long. He looks and me and remarks that he’s never seen such a big cock in the flesh. He asks if he can touch it and I let him. His touch feels so different to that of a woman.

Then I’m on my back and she straddles me , sinking her very wet slick pussy onto my cock. While she’s riding me he’s behind her. He makes a remark indicating that he’s wondering about a dp. She subtly puts him off that idea. I also cum, and by the time I slip out of her he’s ready for more.

I fucked her twice and he fucked her three times. It’s surreal and so unbelievably hot. At one point she got up to go to the bathroom, at the door she turns, utterly thrilled to see these two hard and horny guys devouring her with our eyes. I know this turns her on more than anything else.

We go on for hours. I lick, suck and nibble her clit while he's inside her. She's got four willing hand on her practically no-stop.

Eventually, B and I go home. In bed, I slip inside her again. She is deliciously slick with her juices and the semen from her lovers. The feeling (and the thought) is indescribably erotic. I shoot another ribbon of my sperm into her already full pussy and we then both fall into a very satisfied sleep.

The next week we do it again….