Written by Wildsexy

10 Apr 2013

This happened about 18 months ago while on holiday in Durban, my fiancé Megan and I have fantasied for years previous to this night about her fucking another guy while I watched. She is 30, but looks 20, petite, olive complextion and a stunning body. We went to a night club in Durban near the hotel we stayed in, the whole idea was to act like we were friends, so she could pick up a guy. She wore a very short designer dress with no panties, we were both very turned on, through the night a few guys approached her when she was alone, but she was not interested in them. As we had more to drink she got more adventurous and pointed out a guy that had been checking her out and asked me if she could offer him a drink, sure I replied and off she went, they chatted and 15 minutes later I saw her holding his hand leading him to the exit of the club, she left him by the door and came to me and asked in the most sexy erotic voice, can I take Andre back to the hotel room, my cock got rock hard instantly, I gave her the key and off they went. I stayed in the club for an hour until they were closing, I sent her a message to ask her if fine, she called me back. She asked me if it was fine to fuck him, to which I relied yes baby have a nice time. I went to my car and sat there wondering what was going on in the hotel room, I fealt jealous but also extremely turned on.

It started getting bright outside and decided to go back to the hotel, I approached the door trying to listen to what was going on, just then Megan called me, when she heard my phone ring she opened the door to let me in. Her hair was a mess, she had only a t shirt on and Andre was on the bed trying to put pants on. The room smelled of sex, it made me even more horny, she excused herself and went to the bathroom. I greeted Andre, and had a short conversation with him. Megan then took him out, I waited for a very long 15 minutes for my turn. When she came back the only thing I said to her is "did he fuck you good" she replied yes it was wonderful. I threw on the bed and sucked her pussy, she responded by saying its sore go slow, I told her that I would kiss it better. Her pussy was open like a flower and just smelling of sex, she told me how hard he was fucking her and how she squirted all over his cock. I got on top of her and fucked her hard until both came. We had sex probably 8 times that morning. When we got homes he told me all the details which kept us horny as bunny rabbits. Her pussy was sore for a week and she could not walk right. We never saw Andre again, but I think if we do I am sure that she would fuck him again, this time in front of me.