Written by Mason2016

26 Apr 2016

This is another true story that happened. Please note that this is a bi encounter and I am an open minded guy. I have been chatting to this coloured guy for a while and we became good friends and he understood that I am married and discretion was the order of the day. Anyways, an opportunity came when both of us were home from work for the day and even though he was home alone, I was not but arranged some time to be with him.

So, the time arrived as I pulled into his drive way and he closed the electric gate and we both walked into the house. I sat on the couch and watched TV as we chatted a bit and then he lied across the couch with his head close to my crotch. As I sat relaxed in that sofa, he started rubbing my cock through my track pants and it slowly responded by getting a bit hard. He kept on rubbing and then undid the draw strings to my pants and slid the top of my pants and undies down as he pulled the tip of my cock out and I felt his tongue circling my cock head. Hmmm, that felt good and I saw him leaning more down into my cock and felt his lips wrap around the tip.

I stopped hip at that point, took off my pants and undies with my top and repositioned myself on the couch and was now fully naked with an erect cock staring him in the face. He immediately ducked his head into my crotch and took my entire 16cm long and 5cm thick shaft in his mouth all the way in until I could feel his tongue licking my balls as he sucked my cock. He was sucking and licking me al over my shaft, balls and around my ball sack. Hmmm fuck I was just spreading my legs wider giving him full access as his tongue was all over my cock and balls. Then he stripped off and got a condom as he started rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks while I lied there on my back on the couch and felt his cock reach my pucker hole as he slowly squeezed it in. Aaaah, fuck yess I moaned and he started to fuck me.

He fucked me solid for 20minutes until he grabbed my erect cock and jerked me off as he came in my ass and I shot my load all over my naked body. He pushed his cock one last time deep into my stretched ass and then pulled out. He held me by my cock as I stood up and directed me to his shower. Where I washed up and cleaned myself and as I got dressed he went for a quick shower and then I left. We agreed to meet again soon.

So until next time. Enjoy my factual stories as I will be posting another true story soon.

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