Written by LickSuc69.

09 Nov 2016

After been out of the social scene for about three years, after the death of my wife, I thought it's time to get back on the scene again, so I signed up with a dating site to see what would happen. Days went by turning into weeks, I had almost given up with this idea, when I received a message from lady called Queenbee ( her site name), thinking should I reply or not, I decided I have nothing to loose, so why not. I replied, after messaging back and forth for a few days, we decided to meet over a cup of coffee to see if we had any chemistry or spark between the two of us. From the moment we first set eyes on each other there seemed to be a never ending spark between the two of us, we spoke very easily, laughed and seemed we were made for each other. Queenbee was divorced, and had been so for the last five years. Asking her what had led to her divorce, she replied her husband had cheated on her, so she left him, her children had already left home so it was easy for her. Both been single now, we said we would meet again, which we did on a regular basis. With been on the road for my work, and not been around every evening, did not bother Queenbee. Every time we met Queenbee would climb into me, grab hold of my cock, pull it out suck on it as if there was no tomorrow, then start kissing, kissing, kissing, going back to cock sucking, sucking, causing me to cum in her mouth and swallowing every drop of cum leaving nothing to be wasted. After kissing for a while Queenbee would lead me to the bedroom, throw me on the bed, pulling off all my clothes, playing with my cock, jump on top of me and start fucking, fucking, fucking, until she starts screaming and orgasm with the feeling of her warm love juices running all over me. This was very much the pattern every time I arrived to visit Queenbee. She never like me to fondle with her breast or tickle or put my finger into her pussy, which was strange to me, but did not push the issue.

One Friday night, late, while returning from a country trip, I thought well let me surprise Queenbee and pop in to say hello. After parking my car in the visiting parking and walking to the apartment front door, I hear music coming from the apartment of Queenbee. Knocking on the door, I hear a voice saying who is there, Queenbee opens the door and says hello please come in, very formal, on entering I see another lady sitting in her dressing gown on the couch, Queenbee introduces me and says this is my life long friend Florry, not thinking anything, I start chatting and making jokes and get offered a glass of wine. Sipping on my wine I think " My lucky night " saying, so to night it's going to be a three some, two ladies and me. Florry looks at me, very disgusted, saying definitely not, gets up and off to bed she goes, leaving Queenbee alone in the lounge chatting and nothing more. After a while I get up saying let me go home, see you tomorrow Queenbee, no you will not because Florry will be spending the weekend, so I will see you during the week, kiss her good night and off I go, not giving it another thought. On arriving on Tuesday evening, Queenbee apologizes to me, for the way Florry behaved on Friday night, I said forget about it, Queenbee tells me Florry's husband works on construction and is away from home quiet often, so that is why Florry comes to spend weekends with her. So I said to Queenbee don't worry I will never just pitch up again on a weekend before phoning you, so we won't have a situation like last weekend. Queenbee grabs hold of my cock squeezes it, opens up my trousers, pulls out my cock, starts sucking on my cock like crazy as it to make up for what she missed on the weekend, making me cum, filling her mouth with gallons of my cream, swallowing every drop of me, strips me down and says to night I am going to fuck you on the floor. Pushing me to the floor, Queenbee mounts on top of me, pushing her very horny moist pussy on my rock hard cock, until my cock is completely in. Slowly Queenbee starts riding my cock, gathering speed, faster and faster, screaming louder and louder, I need your cock inside me, let me fuck you, fuck you, she starts moaning, moaning, and scratching my chest with her nails, wilder and wilder, until I hear her scream lovely, feeling her warm love juice flowing around my cock, Queen bee collapses on top of me. Before Leaving Queenbee said Florry and her husband had asked her to go camping with them next weekend and if I would like to go with them. Thinking it would improve the situation between Florry and me I would go with them........

Leaving on Friday afternoon, the caravan hitched on to the 4X4 Florry's husband Allan and I in the front and the two ladies in the back off to Jacobsbaai we go. Arriving just before sunset, positioning the caravan, we walk down to the beach, watching the fantastic sunset. On returning, Allan and I make the fire to braai, sitting round the fire sipping on our wine, I notice Florry making eyes at Queenbee and the two flirting with each other, I look at Allan to see what his reaction is, noticing he has not seen what I had seen, I let the situation go not saying a word. The evening ended on a happy note and off to bed we all went. Allan waking up early the next morning asked me if I would like to go fishing from the rocks, I said I am not into fishing, but will go with and watch the sunrise and do some writing, so off we go, leaving the ladies alone in the caravan. Allan been fishing for almost two hour and having not caught anything yet, I decided to go back to the caravan. On opening the door I find Queenbee and Florry in the sixty nine position, sucking frantically on each others pussy, both screaming loud from all the pleasure caused by there tongues in each others pussy. Florry lifting her head notices me and says, no it's not what you think, Queenbee gets the fright of her life and stops licking Florry's pussy immediately, saying no no, please don't tell Allan, I then asked them for how long has this been going on, they both said for years and years and that's what caused Queenbee's divorce, cause her husband found out they were have a bisexual affair. I told them both that I would never let anyone know about there secret affair.