14 Feb 2018

First of all, Happy Valentines Day to all the Viewers.

It was Valentines Day, it was a Monday as well, and my wife and two sons were already settled in Cape Town from Gauteng. I was just waiting for the sale of my share in the hotel in Boksburg to go through, then I would be on my way from Gauteng.

Knowing all to well this would be my last Valentine in Gauteng, I was hoping it would be an evening to remember by all those around me. The ladies bar was empty, which was not surprising since we had held our Valentines Ball on Saturday Evening. Linda the bar lady, asked if she could have the evening off, so she could treat her husband Jackie to an evening he would not forget as he had just returned from the bush, and was in need of a great fuck, just like Linda needed.

Standing in for Linda, and sitting on a stool behind the bar, hoping for someone the enter and have a drink or just for some to chat too. Hearing the sound of foot steps coming from the rooms from upstairs, thinking lucky this must be one of the residents coming to join me. It was a resident, Shorty, who stopped at the doorway, all dressed up, like he had never been seen before, and said " Sorry Billy, will not be keeping you company, off to collect my Valentine for the evening. Wondering how his Valentine would look like, as he was short, round like a ball and a head as bald as a clean shaved pussy, and where would he be going to spend the evening, as he spent most of his time, sitting at the bar counter, sipping on his Gin and Tonic, or munching on the snacks on the counter which were free...The evening was killing me, not even the miners who had come off shift just past ten, stopped in for a drink, as they just wanted to get home, to fuck there wives like they had been describing amongst themselves for the past few weeks. Looking at the clock on the wall, and the hands just showing past ten thirty, and me thinking, how long it will be to twelve, which was closing time. Finally in walked George and his Skelmpie, both ordering a double brandy and coke, and George saying, " it must be Bols please, as Brenda needs to get a lot more of me." Both there drinks in front of them, they sipped on their drinks, turning into a sudden gulp, they both left the bar and went upstairs, leaving me and all the empty tables and chairs looking at each other, hoping for someone to occupy them again. Looking out the window, and hoping no one would enter now as the clock on the wall was just showing fifteen minutes to twelve, and I just want to get home.

Up pulled a car across the street, just behind mine, it was Shorty, returning from his Valentine evening. Out he got, went over to the passenger side of his vehicle, opened the door, and got out a lady, with Shorty"s leather jacket over her shoulders, hand in hand they crossed the street. On entering the hotel, they walk straight over to he ladies bar, and the lady straight through to the bathroom. Shorty looking at me and said, " what do you think of the lady?" Very surprised, I said," wow Shorty you really surprised me." The lady walked over to the bar counter to join Shorty, Shorty introduced the lady to me, she was Patsy. The more I looked at Patsy, the more she reminded me of a lady who was at the Ball on Saturday evening, and kept winking at me. Asking if they would be requiring any thing from the bar, Shorty said of course, you know I never go to bed with out my Gin and Tonic please and an Amarula on a bed of crushed ice for Patsy please. After pouring Shorty's drink, Patsy said, "I will pour my own drink please." Looking at Patsy, I said, " sorry no one allowed behind the counter please." while getting the martini glass coated with sugar around the edge, and crushing the ice to place at the bottom of the glass, Patsy said, " So you scared of me." Looking up at Patsy, and pouring in the Amarula on top of the crushed ice, I said to Patsy, " scared of you, you must be crazy. " topping up her Amarula with a dash of cream and a Maraschino Cherry on top of the cream, and passing on the Amarula in front of Patsy, Patsy jumped off her chair and said, "she owes me one." Climbing onto the table next to a poster of a lady dressed in a bikini, lifted up her dress and said, " Mine is better than hers." Thinking she was going to return to her stool, how wrong could I be, she jumped onto the counter and gave me a kiss on my lips, and letting her boobs pop out as well for me to see. The clock strikes twelve and the doors are closed.Both sipping on their drinks, and Patsy whispering in Shorty's ear, and me trying to cash up, but been interrupted by what Patsy was flashing in front of me. Shorty dares Patsy to go around the counter and grab hold of my cock, it didn't take Patsy long, she jumped over the counter, grabbed hold of my cock, squeezing and squeezing on my cock, and unzipped my trousers, fondling with my cock and balls, and me still trying to complete the cash up, and Shorty seen what Patsy was doing, he finished his drink and said, "he was off to bed." Thinking that Patsy would be joining him, how wrong could I be, she carried on playing with my cock, with the cash up finally completed, and all the monies locked away, and Patsy's Amarula, still not drank as yet, I said to Patsy, will you be joining Shorty, looking at me she said, " Don't be silly he brought me for you.

The doors to the hotel all locked and the front door locked behind us, and us on the pavement, we cross the street to get into my car, to give Patsy a lift home. Unlocking the doors with the remote, I open the passengers door to let Patsy get in, but she pushed me onto the seat and took out my cock and started to suck on my cock, sucking and sucking, biting and biting on my cock, and it wasn't long and I shot my load right down her throat, and her sucking and sucking on my cock to get every last drop of cum. Releasing my cock from her mouth , Patsy said, " I hope Shorty has seen what he was missing." Both of us getting into the car, I started the car, and rode down the street into the dark distance. On reaching a clump of trees, Patsy said, "Stop Please." Thinking she wanted to pee, just how wrong I was again. Patsy lifted up her dress and said, "now it is your turn to treat me, you going to suck on my pussy until you make me squirt all over your face." Bending over, and my face tight against her pussy, and my tongue pushed right out of my mouth, and as deep as it could enter her pussy, I started to lick against the inner walls of her pussy, causing Patsy to start to arch her back lifting her butt off the seat, and my nostrils just been filled with the smell of warm pussy juice. The tasty of pussy juice was driving me crazy, and Patsy getting louder and louder, Patsy started to squirt, and me drenched with all her squirt all over my face. With Patsy satisfied and my face smelling of Patsy's squirt, we proceeded to her home where her two daughters were waiting for her, to hear of her evening with Shorty. Kissing me good night Patsy said, "One more night with you, before you leave Gauteng will be great for me." What happened is a story for another day.