25 Jan 2018

It has been a few weeks since I had heard from anyone, so the thought went through one's head, has someone taken over from me, but the answer kept coming back, don't be silly, they all just to busy. Thinking what should I do, the thought went through my head the beach it must be. Walking down the steps, and my eyes just kept wondering, looking at all the golden bodies just absorbing the last rays of the sun. On the sand and my feet burning from the heat obtained from the sun. My eyes just kept wondering in the direction of my favorite place on the rocks over looking the sea. My eyes caught the sight of two bodies on my favorite place on the rocks. The closer I got the more the bodies look like two ladies, lying on their backs catching the rays of the sun. Climbing over the last few rocks, the sight of two well tanned bodies, just covered by a skimpy Bikini, which was missing it's top as well, with their sunglasses on, their faces were partly hidden, and I could not see if they were looking in my direction, I decided this is the place for me.

Dropping my towel and vest to the ground, I took my suntan lotion, and started to apply it to my gym made chest and arms, while applying the lotion the one lady said to the other, " I wish those were my hands on that body." The other answered, "you would be so lucky." the more I looked at the two ladies, the more the one looked like a lady that I knew by the name of Cindy. They kept on whispering, making it more difficult for me to hear, catching only a word every now and then. They started to chat louder, and I heard the one with the blonde hair say to her friend, that look likes Billy. Looking over in their direction again, I was sure the lady with the auburn color hair was Cindy, but not wanting to embarrass them, I did not say a word. Listening to their conversation with baited ears, and wanting to laugh every now and then, but not doing so, as that would let them know that I was listening to their conversation. The heat of the sun was drying out my body, and causing me to get thirsty, I took out my ice cold bottle of Ice Tea from my cooler bag, opening it and taking a huge sip from the bottle, the blonde hair lady said, " I wish I had a bottle of Ice Tea." Thinking this was a great opportunity to break the ice, I took out the last bottle of Ice Tea from my cooler bag, and offered it to her, saying " I will make your day." Giving her the bottle of Ice Tea, her friend said, " you are so lucky today, hopefully in more ways than one." I just smiled but did not say another word. After absorbing the sun for another hour, they both bot up and put on their summer frocks and sandals and left for home. I remained for a little while longer, before going home.

While traveling home, the thought went through my head, of the previous times Cindy and I had met, and what fun we had had in the past, hiking through the forest and tanning on the rocks, and what it was like been her Toyboy. Arriving home and walking along the corridor of our building, I was hit with the smell of a great meal that was busy cooking. Opening the door of our apartment, I could smell the cooking was coming from our apartment. Saying hello to my mom, I said to my mom are you expecting someone for dinner this evening, she said, " Billy, my friend Chris will be joining us for dinner." Chris arrived for dinner, all seated at the table, and chatting and sipping on our wine, my mom said, " Billy, Cindy phoned while you were at the beach, and said she would be at home this evening, and I could come over if I wanted too." Thinking my mom wanted me out the way, so she and Chris could have some fun. I said to my mom, "I would be joining Cindy after I had had a shower." My mom then asked me who Cindy was, I said she was a girl who was at school with me, could not tell my mom it was a teacher when I was at school. Casually dressed in a pair of running shorts and a sleeveless vest, I greeted Chris and my mom goodbye, and expect me when you see me.

Walking down the street to Cindy's apartment, I wondered what the evening had in store for me. Knocking on the door, a voice from inside shout come in. Opening the door and entering, I heard two voices, on entering the sitting room I saw the two ladies who were at the beach earlier that afternoon, both sitting on the couch, and a half eaten pizza and one and a half empty bottles of wine on the table. They both seemed a bit tipsy, and were watching a porn movie. Cindy introduced me to her friend Wendy who was also a teacher of my old school. Both of them sipping on their wine and me sitting on the couch opposite them, the started to cuddle in each others arms, and fondling with each others breasts, Wendy looks in my direction and said to Cindy, " fucking terrible host you are, where is Billy's wine." Cindy said, " you can pour some for him if you want too." Wendy got up and poured me a glass of wine, on her way to me, Wendy said, " Billy I am going to give you the first sip," taking a sip from my glass of wine, and her mouth full of wine, Wendy puts her mouth against mine, and lets the wine run into mine., which led to us both starting to kiss. Kissing and kissing, and me getting horny, and my cock started to get erect, Wendy grabbed hold of my cock, pulling it out of my shorts, Cindy takes off her dress, and is standing totally naked in front of me, walking over to Wendy and I, Cindy takes Wendy's dress off and with both of them totally naked, Wendy drops to a squat position and started to suck on my cock, sucking on my cock, and Cindy playing with her pussy, and me fondling with Wendy and Cindy's breasts. Cindy stopped playing with her pussy, and dropped to her knees, and started to suck on Wendy's pussy, causing Wendy to suck harder and harder on my cock, causing me to squeeze tighter and tighter on her breasts, playing with her nipples. We all moaning with the enjoyment and it wasn't long and I had shot my load into Wendy's mouth, and Wendy had squirted all over Cindy's face.Wendy released my cock from her mouth, and said I must be off home. Cindy looks at me and said " Billy will you walk her home just down the street." Wendy said don't worry I will be fine but Cindy insisted I walk her home as it was past mid night already.

Walking down the street, with my arm around Wendy's shoulder, Wendy started to play with my cock again, and it wasn't long and my cock was rock hard again. Wendy whispering what a great cock I have. On entering her apartment block, we went to the elevator, and Wendy pushed me inside, pulling out my cock and started to suck on it again, and me mouth fucking her, and it wasn't long and Wendy had a mouth full of warm sticky cum. Licking all the cum off my cock Wendy said you better go before Cindy thinks I have stolen her meat. Kissing me good night Wendy goes up to her apartment, and me back to Cindy's. Arriving at Cindy's apartment, I entered finding Cindy flat on her back on her bed, dildo fucking her pussy. Cindy said, Billy why you back so soon, I replied Wendy said I must leave her at the elevator, otherwise you might think she had stolen your meat. Cindy said, " what a silly woman, so come and join me." Walking into the room, taking off my clothes, and dropping on the bed next to Cindy, Cindy removes her dildo from her warm and moist pussy, pushing it into my mouth to suck it clean, Cindy grabbed hold of my cock which was still rock hard and said you not missing my pussy to night. Taking hold of a condom, and rolling it on to my cock, sucking on it a few times, Cindy inserts my cock into her pussy, and shouts out Billy Billy fuck me please. I started to fuck Cindy, fucking and fucking, Cindy moaning louder and louder, and me trusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, and Cindy squeezing her body tighter and tighter against mine, and her pussy getting tighter and tighter around my cock, until I feel the flow of Cindy's pussy juice flowing around my cock, and the condom full of my warm sticky cum. Rolling me over Cindy rolled off the condom and sucked my cock clean. Both lying on our backs on the bed, Cindy said Billy, you will not be leaving me alone, because I need some more of you.