Written by LickSuck69

16 Nov 2016

After many months of stressing, when will the building ever be completed, the holiday home is finally completed. It's furnished and the weather is playing alone again, the owner decides it's time to party again, so he arranges a party for last weekend. Barry and his wife Sandy are party animals, they need no excuse to party, so they call this a house warming party. Saying it was going to be a party never seen in Langebaan before, inviting ten of there friends, made up of couples and single friends, some sleeping over and others traveling through for the late afternoon and evening. After arriving early on Saturday morning, Barry , Sandy and I started arranging everything for the evening, making salads, breads and marinating meat for the evening. Barry knowing that braaing is my specialty, asked me if I minded braaing this evening, being friends for years and knowing I end up doing it anyway it was not a problem with me. All the preparations completed, out come the beers and wine, Barry , Sandy and I start talking about who will be at the party, Sandy says two of her single friends, Candy and Colleen will be there and will be staying over as well, she says I know them well.

Slowly but surely the day passes by, and the friends start arriving, first to arrive are Garry and Linda also two part animals, who know how to get and keep a party going for ever. With all the friends having arrived except for Candy and Colleen, Sandy phones them to find out if they are on there way and how long will they be, answering, they are lost so they went to the sea, Sandy says wait there She will be there soon, bringing them to the house, every body starts laughing, just like two blondes, can't go anywhere with out getting lost. Everybody chatting, laughing, singing to the music and dancing. Garry and Linda start getting in to the party mood, making every body to start swapping partners while they dancing so every body just starts mixing so the fun can begin. Everybody really enjoying themselves, you get that feeling that someone is making eyes at you, not wanting to embarrass them you let them have their fun, not saying anything. With the fire ready I start to braai, knowing who is making eyes at me, I concentrate on my duty on hand, every now and then turning round noticing her eyes are very much on me, hoping to break the ice Candy walks up to the fire, says she feeling cold, looking into her eyes and smiling at her, I asked her if she would like to get me a beer from the fridge, not even answering, off she rushes and comes back with my beer. Thanking her, both of us smiling at each other, I whisper in her ear, I have noticed you have been eyeing me ever since you arrived. Blushing slightly, Candy says ever since we met at Barry and Sandy's wedding, I have had the hots for you, hoping we can meet again. So when Sandy told Candy about the house warming party, Candy said to Sandy please make sure Peter will be there. With the meat finally done and taken to the table for everyone to start eating, Candy made sure she was not very far from me, chatting laughing and dancing the evening away late into the night, getting to know each other much better, Candy asked me if I was spending the night or would I be going back home again, saying no I will be spending night brought a great smurk to Candy's farce, saying that could be fun. With the night gone and the early hour of the morning arriving, people started going home, leave only the people spending the night. All still drinking and getting all more happy, we all retire to bed. Barry and Sandy sleeping in one end of the house, and Candy, Colleen and I on the other end of the house. Colleen and Candy in one room and me in another room to my own. Kissing Candy go night off to bed she goes. Lying in bed wondering, why could it not be Candy and I in one room, almost a sleep I hear my door open, it's Candy, saying I just had to wait for Colleen to fall a sleep, so our fun can begin, Candy gets into bed with me. Being a person who always sleeps naked, Candy feels my cock rub against her leg, she grabs it with her hand and says, I have been waiting all night for this, throwing the top sheet off the bed Candy gets between my legs and starts tickling my cock with her soft tender lips, rubbing the tip her tongue down the length of my cock, causing my cock to grow and grow, putting her mouth over the head of my cock and sucking on my heads, Candy raises her eyes and smile at me, opening her mouth and talking with her mouth half full with my cock saying, how would you like to sixty nine me. Horny as hell I grab Candy by the hands and pull her closer to me. Candy turns on the bed and puts her very moist pussy lips on mine, my tongue slowly working on her pussy lips, driving Candy crazy, Candy grabs my cock in her mouth again, biting on it every time my tongue gets close to her clit and forcing it's way through her lips. Finally my tongue works wildly inside her pussy, feeling the warmth of her love juices all inside her very horny moist pussy and the taste of her cum, Candy starts working on my cock again , just wanting to scream, but knowing Collen in the room next door might wake and hear what Candy and I are up to, not been able to control myself any more, I explode with a gush of cum in Candy's mouth, causing her to bite on my cock again. Lying flat on top of me, with my cock in her mouth, Candy roles over and says, next time it will be just you and me, in my own bed. Candy returning to her room, Collen says go back to where you have been.