Written by LickSuck69

18 Jan 2017

It was the summer holidays and my friends Marcos and Charlie's parents asked if I would like to do house sitting while the family went to Greece for the holidays. Looking rather surprised at them, knowing all to well that I would have to work to make money for the next year's fees, the mother quickly interrupted and said we will make it worth your while, we will pay you well, because we need someone to look after our pets as well as the up keep of the garden as well as the pool. Knowing all to well money was never an object to that family, I accepted the offer, to house for them. The house was left fully stocked with plenty of food, plenty to drink and anything that I would need. The house was more like a mansion, four bedrooms, two on suit and a double bed in each, a dinning room, a lounge leading on to the pool area from up stairs, a family room with a pool table and a kitchen with a eating nook, which was used more often than the dinning room. Next to the swimming pool was a Sauna Bath almost hidden amongst the tall trees. After dropping off the family at O.R.Tambo Airport, returning home in there car which was mine for next four week, with many thoughts going through my head, wondering how am I going to spend my time for the next four weeks, with most of my friends either gone home or gone to work abroad for the holidays to make money for there fees. Arriving home was very strange for me, been alone was going to be getting use to for me.

After spending the last few days alone, swimming, tanning, listening to music, I thought what had I let myself into, at least the chores kept me busy in the morning, the days were extremely hot, the pool made it very easy to keep cool, as swimming was a sport which was easy for me, enjoyed swimming in the nude, having no one around was also very tempting to walk and swim around in the nude, as we could not do that when the family was around, and there were always friends of the mother lying next to the pool tanning. It was Thursday afternoon, I was lying on my back next to the pool, listening to the music which was sounding through the trees, feeling very relaxed and my eyes closed and almost falling a sleep, getting very hot I think it is time to take a dip into the pool, getting up I notice the figure of a lady standing at the door to the lounge, dressed only in a skimpy Bikini, not knowing how long she had been standing watching me, I tried to cover up as I had never been nude in front of lady much older than me. She shouts out loud it's to late I have seen

everything there is, walking down the steps I recognize it's one of Marcos's mother's friend Jean, feeling even more embarrassed not knowing what she would tell her friend. Putting on my Speedo, we both lay next to the pool, chatting, Jean told me that she knew I was going to house sit for the family, so I said you just pop around to see that I was behaving myself and not having any wild party's. No no just coming over to have a swim, after rubbing down each others bodies with suntan lotion and dipping into the pool and lying in the sun to dry, I offered Jean something to drink, asking for a Martini and a glass of wine for me, I went to collect them from inside and returned only to see Jean rubbing her pussy, not saying a word or letting out what I had seen, we sipped on our drinks. Jean was definitely one of those Milfs you dream of. Asking more about herself and what she does, made it even more interesting for me, telling me she is a school teacher and that she is also on holidays, and even more interesting to me that she was divorced after finding out her husband had an affair with one of her friends. Chatting, dipping into the pool fooling around in the water, the sun was soon setting, Jean making no move to be going home. Thinking " It will be great to have someone to have dinner with for the evening." I asked Jean if she would like to stay for dinner with me, she gladly accepted, so we went upstairs into the house to prepare a meal, which was already in the deep freeze. So out came the Lasagne and into the oven it went for forty five minutes, making a Greek Salad to go with, Jean sat at the kitchen table still clad in her bikini sipping on another Martini, and me in my Speedo, the salad completed, sitting opposite Jean at the table. Jean looking into my eyes, sheepishly looking at me she say, I want to tell you something which might make me blush, I really fancy you. Not knowing what to say because Jean was easily a ten years older than me, finally I answer I have always found you very sexy, Jean just smiles at me and nods her head.

Finally the Lasagne is ready, I dish up for both Jean and I, leaving her to dish up her salad, and we start eating. Jean takes some lasagne on her fork and feeds me, saying this will break the silence which it really did, feeding each other and laughing, looking more and more naughty, Jean lifts up her foot under the table and places it straight on my crotch, causing me to jump a little, Jean looks into my eyes and says how did that feel, looking straight into her eyes I say you can leave it there, Jean starts playing with my crotch with her toes. Jean loosens the straps of her bikini top and lets it fall to the floor. Her perky breast and her toes are driving me crazy, taking her nipples in between my fingers, rubbing them gently, Jean's foot starts pushing harder and harder against my crotch, causing my cock to get harder and harder, looking into my eyes Jean grabs me by the hand as says lets stop playing footsie footsie and get down to the real fun..... Off to the bedroom we go, pulling of my Speedo, my cock standing at attention ready to be dominated by Jean. Jean and I lying on the bed fondly with each other, more and more, my fingers running along her very moist horny pussy, pushing my fingers into her cavity, causing Jean to arch her back and stretch her toes, Jean pulls my head over to hers, starts kissing me..... kissing my neck...... kissing my ear, whispering to me, suck me..... suck me please, getting up, straddled across Jean's body my tongue starts to work her pussy, up and down the groove, in and out her slit, every know and then forcing deeper and deeper into her pussy, causing Jean to scream. Tasting Jean's love juices, very tasty, just drive me more and more crazy, Jean rolls me over and starts licking on my cock, starting at my balls, running up the shaft, tickling the slit of the head, with the tip of her tongue, causing my head to start weeping, knowing that I am near Jean grabs my cock in her hands and starts rubbing them up and down the shaft, more and more vigorously causing me to cum all over her hands. Licking her hands clean, off to the bathroom we go, wiping each other down, and back to the bedroom. Both lying on the bed, our eyes closed, Jean thinking I am sleeping, she slowly takes hold of my cock in her hands, opening my eyes looking at Jean smiling at her, I said, Jean I would like to fuck you tonight before I go to sleep, Jean smiles and says that 's what I was hoping for, because ever since the first time I saw you with your long blonde hair and nice green eyes I had the vision of been fucked by you. Rolling over landing on top of Jean, I start massaging Jean's body with mine, slowly rubbing up and down, with my rock hard cock rubbing over Jean's pussy up to her belly and down again, more and more causing Jean to grab hold of my cock and force into her very horny pussy. With my cock deep inside her pussy, start riding up and down motion, speeding up , going faster and faster, Jean clasping me in her arms tighter and tighter, screaming, and screaming please don't stop fucking me, warmer and warmer her pussy gets every time she orgasms for me, with love juice and cream all over the sheet, Jean looks at me saying this is the first of many. Jean spent the rest of the house sitting days with me.