Written by LickSuck69

29 Mar 2017

This evening started few weeks back. Sitting at the dinner table of my friend Marcus and his mother, everyone had finished eating and the three of us were just sipping on our wine and chatting, laughing and listening to Janis Joplin, which was a favorite of his mother Coleen. While chatting Coleen's eyes started wondering and she seemed lost for words all of a sudden, but wanted to say something, looking into her eyes, I said Coleen what is troubling you, Coleen looked at me and said I have something to ask you ,but don't know how. Coleen you know well, nothing will shock me, so what is it you want to ask me, Coleen sheepishly said I would like to ask you to go with my friend to the schools dance, looking straight into her eyes , I said who would it be, Coleen said it is for my friend Jean, knowing Jean is ten to twelve years older than me, I though for a few seconds, knowing all to well what had happened when I was house sitting, I obliged and said tell Jean I will be willing to partner her to the school ball. Coleen says just imagine been a Toyboy for one evening.This just showed me, Coleen had no idea what took place while I had been house sitting, and that was why Jean asked Coleen if she would ask me to accompany her to he school ball knowing all to well that I would never turn her down.

It's the Saturday of the School Ball, and butterflies start setting in, as this was he first time I would be accompanying a lady friend so much older than me, wondering what the other teachers and pupils will have to say. But me been me, I say to myself, fuck what they have to say and just go and enjoy the evening for Jean and me.. Arriving at Jean's house, Jean was dressed to kill in a very sexy tight fit dress with a slit down the side to make it easy for her to walk in, showing off her very sexy body for her age, made me very proud to be accompanying Jean to the School Ball of the year, I was dressed in my tucks which was hired for me, both looking very sexily dressed, off to the venue we go, which was the magnificently decorated School hall, the theme been "Under the Sea." All the other guest were just as immaculately dressed. Every body slowly starts taking their seat at the tables allocated to them, and fellow teachers and their partners get introduced to me. Pupils start introducing their partners to teacher Jean and Jean introduces me as well. Suddenly a girl pupil comes over to our table and says hello teacher Jean, Jean responds hello Susie, Susie responds this is my partner Bill, Jean introduces me and says this is Peter-John, Susie looks at me and says so this is your Toyboy you met during the last December Holidays, seen that I seemed quiet embarrassed Susie returns to her table which was adjacent to ours. Looking into Jean's eyes I ask ,Jean what did Susie mean, Jean replies that her and Susie have got very much a daughter and mother relationship as Susie's parents are divorced and she lives with her father who shows very little interest in Susie and she was going off the rails and was starting to become the slut of the school, so I took her under my wing, and as our trust grew, she would talk to me about any of her boyfriend issues, so I did the same after my divorce. So I said to Jean don't worry I understand, now thinking how many other teachers and pupils were thinking of me as Jean's toyboy. The evening gets underway with all the formalities out of the way, dinner served and the dancing starts and most people take to the floor, Jean and I had never danced together before, but we made a great dancing pair as we both seemed to have a great rhythm in our legs. The evening was passing by and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves to the full, suddenly Susie comes over to our table and asks Jean would she mind if I had a dance with her, so Jean said Susie call Bill I will dance with him while you dance with Peter-John, so as the music begun we all took to the dance floor and had a couple of dances together, Susie could not stop talking while we were dancing and saying she would like to get to know me better, knowing her history made me wary, knowing I am sure she just wanted to fuck me, because I had seen how she was looking at me during the evening, the music stops and we all return to our seats. Jean looks at me and says, Susie seemed to have a lot to say in your ear, so I said, Susie said she would like to get to know we better, we both smile and Jean says beware she just wants to fuck you, because she told me earlier in the bathroom that she would like to fuck you.Looking into Jean's eyes, I say don't worry I am your Toyboy, and yours alone. With the evening coming to an end and everyone on their way home, Jean and I leave the school venue. On our way home Jean starts playing with the back of my neck and rubbing her fingers through my long blonde hair, and making me remember of the previous times we had been together, while I was house sitting. Slowly her hands run down my chest and on to my crotch area and she feels my rock hard cock, and smiles at me, and says "Wow... what have we here, glad you brought your cock back for me" Squeezing on my cock tighter and tighter with her hand, and every now and then squeezing my ball as well. Finally we get home, and enter the front door, the door closes with a bang, Jean grabs me round the the neck pulling my body closer to hers, kissing on my mouth forcing her tongue into my mouth, deeper and deeper it goes, wild and wild the kissing gets until neither of us can control ourselves, her tongue leaves my mouth and Jean makes a beline straight for my very horny rock hard cock, and into her mouth it goes, sucking tighter and tighter on my shaft, trying to get my cock right down her throat and starts gargling and choking on my cock and letting slime from her mouth start running down my legs. Me fondling on her breasts and squeezing on her nipples with my fingers causing Jean to start arching her back and making me more and more crazy. Suddenly Jean releases my cock from her mouth and says now I am going to fuck you like crazy, pushing me to the floor Jean mounts me like the cowgirl she always wants to be, and starts fucking and fucking me like crazy, up and down she goes faster and faster, causing us both to scream and scream louder and louder we go causing Jean to orgasm for the um-tenth time and me to shoot my load, with both our juices forcing their way out of Jeans very warm wet pussy on to the floor. Jean whispers in my ear, " Now with the ice broken between Myself and Colleen" now we don't have to wait for such a long time to have a great romp on the floor.