Written by LickSuck69

24 Nov 2016

After arriving home from a no show meeting from a lady from the site, I decided to Google through various sites to see what is on show. I came across a very interesting site with some very interesting profiles of couples, single ladies and single men. Reading through the different profiles and seen what makes different people tick and what they looking for, with not one really tickling my fantasy and think it's time to retire to bed, a profile just catches the corner of my eye, " The Squirting Lady ". Finding the title very interesting, I decided to open her profile and see what really makes her tick. Saying she is very much a man's lady, very witty, likes having men around and loves having sex with men that have a great chemistry with her. Having read many of these profiles in my day, I decided to forward a message to The Squirting Lady, and off to bed I went. A couple days went by no answer, thinking this is another dead end lead. Opening my mail one morning I see a message from The Squirting Lady, I thanked her for her reply, which led to the two of us communicating back and forwards, and chatting on the phone, finally leading for the two of us meeting. Having many interests in common, we decided to meet at a quaint little pub which has live music in the evening, having seen photos of each other, it would be easy to recognize each other.

Arriving at the pub, looking around to see if I can recognize The Squirting Lady, no lady fits the photo in my mind, so I take a seat at a table for two, ordering a beer and wait for my lady friend. The music starts and I get into the swing of things, listing to the various songs. Thinking a no show again, suddenly a person blind folds my eyes from behind, saying sorry, I am late again, releasing her hands, she takes her seat next to me. Dressed in a light pink low cut dress, clinging to her body, and her nails very neatly manicured with dark pink polish and her body well tanned. Her legs crossed and her eyes sparkling, each with a drink, we start chatting about how we met on the internet, both agreeing what a chance a person takes , because of all the creeps who hide behind there screens. Both of us very much into music and our choice of music very much the same, the evening is becoming very easy and very enjoyable and just wanting to be together. Squirting Lady started to get very witty and I could see the naughty side of her, every now and then, her uncrossing her legs making sure my eyes catch the sight of her very sexy frilly pink panty, looking into my eyes, smiling and saying do you like what you see. Answering, yes I do, you, know what you doing to me, smiling, laughing, Squirting Lady, puts her hand between my legs feeling my hard cock, smiling even more, saying, wow, if that's what happens from the odd peep, just imagine seen the real thing. Both laughing, we decide it's time to retire to bed, off we go to her home. On entering her home, very dimly lit, we take a seat on the three seater couch, clasp in each others arms, cuddling, kissing, her tongue forcing it's way into my mouth, swirling all over mine, slowly releasing her tongue from my mouth, falling back into the corner of the couch, smiling at me. Squirting Lady kicks off her shoes, putting her one foot on the couch opening her legs, flashing her panty at me. Slowly she starts rubbing the inner side of her thigh leading occasionally on to her pussy, moaning..............., moving her panty to the side, flashing her very moist pussy at me, rubbing the lips and forcing her finger in between the lips, causing more louder moaning. Feeling my rigid cock with her toes, rubbing with her foot, causing it to get even more rigid. Suddenly Squirting Lady jumps up and grabs my cock in her hand and says come with me. Pulling on my cock she brings me to my feet and says follow me. Leading me down the dark lit stairs down to the dimly lit dungeon, fitted with a giant bed, all the chains and toys , Squirting Lady strips me , tying me to the bed, stripping herself, standing totally nude in front of me, she starts fondling her pussy, seeing what she is doing to me, trying to get my wrist and ankles loose, Squirting Lady smiles and says I am in charge of you. Knowing there is no way I am going to get myself loose, I might as well relax and take what is going to happen to me. Squirting Lady leans forward and takes hold of my paining cock, rubbing it lightly with her hands, with the occasional squeeze. Releasing her one hand she starts fingering her very horny pussy, driving her crazy, jumping onto the bed, Squirting Lady sits on my face, saying now you going to lick and suck on my very horny pussy, licking sucking it will be, with my tongue, I start working her very moist pussy, vigorously with my tongue. Screaming, screaming, suddenly Squirting Lady , squirts all her warm love juices over my face, Lady Squirt sucking on my cock, the warmth of her tongue around the shaft and the feeling, just ready to release my load in her mouth, she starts working on my cock with her mouth again, driving me wild and crazy, suddenly cumming with my load in her mouth, making Lady Squirt suck on my cock hoping to get every drop out of me. Releasing me from the chains, Squirting Lady, falls on top of me, rubbing her very moist pussy against my cock, making it erect again, feeling what she is doing to me, smiling she says I want to fuck you, pushing her hands against my chest, Squirting Lady lifts herself into a sitting position, taking my cock in her hands, rubbing on the pussy lips, forcing it slowly in, halfway in, she starts fucking me slowly, fucking, fucking, fucking, feeling the warm pussy around my cock, getting tighter and tighter until the great feeling of warm love juices flowing around my cock. Having both enjoyed the fucking, we both breathing heavily, collapse in each others arms, saying what a great meeting it has been. Getting of the bed, we made off to the shower, the water ready, under the water we get, Squirting Lady takes my hand and puts it on her pussy, asking me to rub on her lips,rubbing , rubbing, feeling her clit, rubbing on her clit with my fingers, I feel the warmth of her squirting again. Smiling into my eyes Lady Squirt says see where I get my name from. Soaping our bodies, rinsing, toweling down, getting dressed, hugging each other, Kissing good bye, I leave.