26 Feb 2018

We were sitting at the dinner table, chatting and laughing and discussing our day's, when my Mom piped up and said, " you won't believe what happened today, we got a new neighbor today, and at least the house will not be empty anymore." I asked if my Mom had met them yet? My Mom replied not yet, just give them time to settle, before we bombard them with our friendship. As the days passed by and the days went in to weeks, and the weeks into months before the friendship started to blossom. The lady next door and my Mom had a lot in common, they were both ladies of leisure, which meant they did not have to work, but had plenty of time to roam the coffee shops, and frequent the exquisite boutiques in the shopping centers in the vicinity. Both enjoyed to shop and shop until they dropped. Once the friendship blossomed there was no end, they really enjoyed each others company. They did everything together, she even got my Mom to join the P.T.A at the school. She had a son Tommy, who attended the same school as me. He was very much more of an academic than me, he got all the prizes and was on his way to becoming Head Boy, not like me who spent my days running round the sports fields and in the gym to improve my physique.

The family friendship was blossoming and it had many more benefits for me. I no longer had to travel on the bus and drag myself up the hill after long day at school, as my dad would drop Tommy and myself in the morning and his mother would collect us in the afternoon, and could travel home in luxury, and dropped of at my front door. In the beginning there was not much chatting in the car in the afternoon, it was mostly just a greeting, Tommy sitting in the front next to his mother, and me in the back, just observing the scenery, until one day I noticed his mother was peeping at me from the review mirror. Noticing that I had seen her peeping, Tommy's mom looked away very quickly, and tried to make some small talk with Tommy and I. The thought went through my head, has she got the hots for me, but said to myself don't be silly, but could not get out of my mind what I had seen. The visits to our house by his mom seemed to increase and lasted much longer than normal, where she would come over for a swim and a suntan next to the pool with my mom. Tommy's mom was very different to my mom, she would wear a bikini as my mom would only be seen in a one piece costume. She enjoyed the sun, and had a great tan, and my mom looked like a person who had never been in the sun. Tommy's mom also liked to dress in nice light sun dresses, while my mom, enjoyed wearing shorts and T Shirts at home. What was nice about Tommy's mom's dresses, was that if they caught in the sun light they would become see through, which would be great for the imagination, wondering how her body looked under her dresses, and wondering what it would be like to eat from the forbidden fruit. As I was just another naughty school boy.

It finally was our grade twelve year, and Tommy was Head Boy, as everyone expected, and me just another pupil at the school on the sports fields again, and me charming all the girls with my muscled body. Tommy couldn't wait to tell his mom the good news, so when his mom stopped her car to collect us both, only this time my mom was with her. We both got into the car and thefirst words that came out of Tommy's mouth were, " Mommy I am Head Boy." Both his and my mom were very thrilled about the news and congratulated him. The trip home was very different, only the two moms doing the talking, and Tommy beaming with a smile from ear to ear with his achievement, and me waiting to hear what my mom was going stay about Tommy's achievement, since I was not a prefect. Arriving home my mom invited Tommy's mom over for a cup of tea and a snack to eat. She gladly accepted, which was great for me as this would delay the scolding for me from my mom. The two of them sitting on the patio and both of them sipping on their tea and nibbling on their snacks, and me collapsed on the couch in the family room, when my mom said to Tommy's mom, "You must be extremely proud of Tommy." Tommy's mom said, "we are proud of what he has achieved , but wish he could be like your son Billy." My mom answered, " Billy needs to understand that sport is not everything in life, and he needs to concentrate on his study's. Tommy's mom said to my mom, surely you must be proud of his achievements on the sports field. After hearing what the two moms had to say I got up and went to my bedroom, to change before going to play sport for the afternoon. On arriving home after the sports afternoon, I was surprised that my mom had not scolded my for not been a prefect as my sister who was ten years older than me was a prefect during her grade twelve year.

The year was flying by with great speed, the terms one, two, three, had flown past, and it was now time to concentrate on the exams, which I surly did, but would not be passing with any distinctions. The exams were completed and it was time to enjoy life again for me. The results were out and we passed and now was time to be in the real world, off to varsity we would go. Tommy was off to Rhodes Varsity, while I would be off to U.C.T., and my Mom and Dad off to London to visit my sister who was having a baby, and me to have the whole house to my own. Varsity had begun, Tommy off to Grahams-town, leaving his mom all alone, as his mom and dad had got divorced during the previous year. Living on my own was great for me, as I could come and go as I wished. Arriving home late one evening, I noticed a light burning in Tommy's moms home, and off to bed I was going, when I noticed Tommy's mommy was sitting in the T.V. room watching a movie, but she was sitting with her robe open and her playing with her breasts and her one hand rubbing on her pussy. I decided I would carry on watching from my bedroom window. After watching for a while and hoping she had not seen me, off to bed I went as I had an early start the following day. For days all I could see in my mind was the sight of Tommy's mom playing with her self, but having not crossed paths for a while. I thought should I pop over for a visit to say Hi, or just wait for her to make the first move. Weeks had gone by and varsity life was great, some days were full days, while others were just a few hours long.

It was Wednesday, and it was one of those half days, and all my friends were at lectures for the rest of the day, so I decided I would go home and have a rest before returning back to varsity for sports practice. On arriving home I left my car parked on the lawn outside our house and entered through the side gate, which was not double locked, which told me some one had entered. I walked down the path, and next to the pool wasTommy's mom, the closer I got I could see she was tanning in the nude. Standing hidden behind a bush I kept looking at her naked body, and her rubbing tanning lotion on her body, which was causing me to get a hard on. Her not knowing that I was watching her, she got up and dived into the pool. Thinking this was my chance to have a close up look of her in the nude, I walked up to the pool. Tommy's mom then came to the top of the pool, and noticed me standing at the side of the pool. Looking at me and greeting, and making no effort to cover her body, she got out of the pool, and went to lie down again.. Lying on her back, and her clean shaved pussy looking at the sun, we started to chat.I asked her how she was coping been all alone in that big house. Looking at me and smiling, she said it is quiet nice, except you need a man every now and then. The thought went through my mind, was she inviting me to make love to her, or was that the reason she was playing with herself the other evening. Still not sure if she had seen me or not, I was reluctant to say I am hear if you need me, as I always wanted to fuck her. Taking a seat on the one chair and my one foot on the chair, I was sure she could see my balls that had slipped through my shorts. Tommy's mom then took hold of the suntan lotion, and said would you like to rub this on my body. Pouring some lotion on my hands, I rubbed my hands up and down her legs, making sure not to touch ker pussy, then rubbing lotion on her body, but missing her breasts, Tommy's mom grabbed hold of my hand and put them on her breast and said rub the lotion on them. My cock started to grow, getting bigger and bigger, and the bulge infront of my shorts pointing straight in her direction, she grabbed hold of my cock with her hand and said, " wow..this is a man size indeed." With me finished rubbing lotion on her breasts, Tommy's mom said, "My pussy needs some lotion as well." Looking at her very surprised, she said, " sure you not shy to touch my pussy." Applying lotion to her pussy area, I started to rub the lotion into her skin around her pussy, it wasn't long and Tommy's mom, was arching her back and moaning, with all the excitement caused by my fingers rubbing on her pussy. After rubbing on her pussy for a while, and her moaning louder and louder, she started to squirt all over my hand. After squirting for a while, Tommy's mom screamed what a relief to feel a man's hand on my pussy. Grabbing hold of my cock again, she said hopefully this will be next inside me.. Being time for me to return to varsity, I left with Tommy's mom next to the pool. On returning home later that evening, was a note on the door, you can come for dinner if you want to. Looking at the time, and knowing she had eaten dinner already, I dropped by to say we can make it tomorow evening........What happened is for another occasion.