06 Dec 2017

This is an article which would rather fall into Taboo, as this is something we were taught not to talk about, but it was something that really happened.

The final bell has rung, and the ink hardly dried on the exam paper, but we had turned from boy's into men. The time to try all things that we were forbidden to do or talk about, was going to lead to all types of fun..........Fun....fun....galore it would be......and certainly it turned out to be.....First it was the trip to Plett or Hermanus, which ever you wanted it to be. Off to Plett we went, turning into hooligans, and men who had just been let out, to be free. It was a week of boozing and an orgy of sex, meeting up with new people, with whom you had so much fun, but will never see again. After arriving back home, to be hit with the reality of life again, and thinking was it real, what we were doing, just drinking and fucking. Hoping that we would not see some of the people again, with my girlfriend gone overseas, and me left at home alone, made me a free man again. It was great for me, as I could come and go as I pleased, and with whom I pleased. The Silly Season was getting to me, as most of my friends were out of town or gone over sea's on holiday.

The day's were starting too go by slowly, when one morning I was woken up by the sound of the telephone, on answering, it was a friend of mine Tommy, who said, "Billy would you like to join me and my Mom for a cup of coffee in the Mall." Glad to meet up with Tommy, I said, " I will see you at eleven then." Rushing to get ready, and dressing, to hope to catch the eye of some girl in the Mall. Slowly I walked down to Mug and Bean. On arriving Tommy and his sexy looking Mommy was already there, sipping on there coffee. I joined them at the table in the open air, which was great as I could see all the people passing by, while we were talking. Tommy's Mom asked me how I enjoyed Plett, and hoped I behaved myself, and was not as bad as Tommy. Laughing, I said, " Tommy was an Angel, compared to me," his mother still laughing, said, don't worry, I have heard all about the goings on in Plett. Saying it was a once in a life time experienced, she was glad that we both enjoyed the experience and she hopes to see a lot more of me now that our schooling is over. Asking me what I was going to do next year, I replied I was awaiting the answer for a sports bursary from U.C.T. as I wanted to play rugby and study sports psychology, as sports is all I want to do. Tommy said he was going to study business management next year, hopefully also at U.T.C. I said, so you going into the family business are you. Tommy and his Mom finished there coffee and said they will have to go, as they still have a lot to do before going home. Wishing them well and saying good by, they left with me still sitting at the table, sipping on my coffee.

In the distance, walking in the direction of Mug and Bean,was a lady carrying herself silly with parcels from all her shopping. The closer she got, the more she looked like someone that I knew. As she got level with my table she turned her head and said, hello Billy, imagine seen you alone having coffee, I greeted her and asked if she would like to join me for a quick cup of coffee, dropping her parcels on the floor next to the table,she joined me. Looking at her and smiling, I said, " thought I would not see you again after leaving school. Looking into my eyes, she said, " not so lucky will you be, as I live just around the corner from you." I then asked her if she would be glad that we have finally finished with school. She replied, not really, I will miss the way you young boys used to drool at me from your desks, when I was teaching you. Another thing I will miss is seen your muscular body running around the sports fields, blushing slightly, I said I will miss peeping at you as well. She then said, Billy you can call me Cindy. Cindy then asked me, what were my plans for the future, and if I was going to carry on with my sport, now that I have left school, I said definitely, as you know sport is all I ever did at school. Saying to Cindy I never knew she lived around the corner from me, she said, " She had just moved in a few weeks ago." We both finished our coffee, and I offered to help her with her parcels, so after carrying her parcels to her cottage, and dropping them inside for her, Cindy asked me if I would like to join her on a walk in the forests near Kirstenbosch, I agreed, so Cindy went to put on something more comfortable to walk in.

While driving along the winding roads, Cindy rolled back the roof of her convertible, allowing her long blonde hair to blow in the wind. After arriving at the parking lot in the forest, we started on our hike through the trees, reminding me of many hikes I had had before. Walking, joking, sipping on our water, I noticed Cindy was beginning to tire, so I suggested we should take a seat on a log and have a rest for a while.While sitting and talking about the year which had just gone by, I noticed Cindy's hands were starting to get rather close towards me, finally she took the courage, and put her hand on my chest and said,"I always want to feel that chest of yours, as it always looked so sexy. Then moving her hand from my chest to the back of my neck, she pulled my head towards her head, and said, "I hope you don't mind if I kiss you." We both started to kiss on each others lips, her on my lips and me on her lips. Slowly I could feel Cindy opened her mouth, opening more and more, knowing exactly what she wanted from me, I slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth, rolling my tongue in her mouth, and pushing it deeper and deeper in her mouth, Cindy started to push her tongue against my tongue, causing me to get horny. With the kissing turning into a lengthy session of French Kissing, Cindy's hand move down towards my crotch, feeling my cock through my jeans, and her hand squeezing my cock, caused me to grab hold of Cindy's body in my arms, and her breasts, pushed against my chest, and her nipples pointed against my chest like a led of a pencil. With me really horny now and unable to control myself, I put my hand down her blouse and started to fondle with her breasts, with me making the first move, it wasn't long before Cindy had her hand in my jeans playing with my cock, pulling my cock out my jeans, Cindy bent over and started to work on my cock with her mouth, sucking and sucking, deeper and deeper in her mouth, and with no intention of letting go of my cock, she squeezed my balls with her hands, causing me to scream, but enjoying every minute, and not wanting her to stop. Cindy sucking tighter and tighter on my cock, feeling her warm mouth around my shaft and me screaming, until I can't hold back any more, and shoot my load of warm sticky cum into the back of her mouth. Still not releasing my cock, I could feel Cindy swallowing every drop of my cum. Slowly releasing my cock, Cindy licks every drop of cum off my cock, then pulled my lips against her lips, and with my lips against her lips, she gives me a thank you kiss, and mumbles, "Wow.....what a surprise you had for me." This was a start of a great many more walks among the trees.