Written by LickSuck69

19 Apr 2017

Having been of the site for a fair length of time and have made a few friends and chatted with many different person in the room. There is one question that keeps coming to the fore, how old were you when you had sex for the first time, so I thought I would write an account of the experience. having always been a person with a very high sex drive from a young age, I am not embarrassed to let people know I was 18 when I encountered sex for the first time. Having completed the soccer match I got on my Honda 50cc motor cycle and left for my friends house to visit and make arrangements to go to the movies.

On arriving at my friend Cyprian's house and the sound of music blaring through the open few widows, I parked my motor cycle next to the front door and went to the door and rang the bell.... rang the bell a second time as I am sure they did not hear it the first time. On the opening of the door, stood his sister Moogy Jane, dressed in her normal skimpy shorts and a low cut vest with her boobs all most popping out, Moogy was a nick name of hers, having greeted each other she invited me in. Asking where Cyprian was, she said no, neither her mom and dad nor Cyprian where at home, they had gone to Warmbaths for the weekend, and they will only be back late on Sunday afternoon. Asking why she did not go with them Moogy Jane answered she had to work that Saturday morning, so she had to stay behind. Pity I wanted Cyprian to go to the movies with me, Moogy Jane quickly said I will go with you, thinking that would be so much fun that I agreed. The afternoon had gone and the evening was passing by, so Moogy Jane said she would make us something to eat, while I went for a shower, because I had not showered after the game, because been bigger than the average 18 year old in build and height as well as my cock was larger than there's they would keep looking at me, which was embarrassing to me. Off to the shower I went, washing down quickly, drying off and putting on my shorts and off to the kitchen were Moogy Jane busy putting a meal together, turning round and seeing me, Moog Jane said wow... quiet a chest you have, the first time I have seen you with out your shirt and you impress me. With the meal ready Moog Jane dishes up for both of us, and we both take our places on opposite sides of the kitchen table. Chatting, eating and sipping on my cold dink and Moogy Jane on her wine, the conversation went off on a tangent not expected by me, all of a sudden Moogy's foot from under the table landed on my cock which had got erect from the conversation, caught by surprise and also embarrassed because I had not expected that from Moogy Jane. Moogy Jane looked at me and said sorry I had to do that because I wanted to feel and see what Cyprian had said to me that you have a real big cock bigger than his. Looking into her eyes, I said, did I surprise you, smiling Moogy Jane says, I did not get a proper feel so would you mind, if I felt your cock again, laughingly I said no you can feel if you want too. putting her foot on my cock playing footsie footsie with my cock, Moogy Jane says, your cock is much bigger than I had ever imagined, tacking her foot off my cock, we both get up from the table, thinking we are going to clean up, to my surprise Moogy Jane grabs hold of my rock hard horny cock with her hand and starts squeezing the shaft and says I would love to suck your cock for you, unable to control myself any more , I start playing with Moogy Jane's breasts , causing her nipples to standup straight and with my other hand I start rubbing her horny wet pussy, the more I rub and rub the tighter Moogy Jane squeezes my cock with the one hand and playing with my balls, with the other hand. Suddenly Moogy Jane pulls down my shorts and starts sucking on my cock, first on the head and then moving the shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth, driving me more and more wild, all that is going through my sex crazy head is Moogy Jane I just want to fuck you. Moogy Jane sensing what she has done to me, slowly starts retreating my cock out of her mouth, until it's completely out of her mouth and pulls me into her bedroom, pushing me onto her bed and pulls of her shorts and falls on top of me, rubbing her body against mine, and her horny moist pussy against my uncontrollable horny aching cock, then Moogy Jane lifts her body from mine and straddles her legs over my body and rubs her pussy lips against the head of my cock and slowly starts pushing down on my cock, her lips open and in goes my cock deeper and deeper until totally submerged in her warm moist pussy, Moogy Jane slowly starts riding me, up and down she goes, speeding up until we both hit a crescendo, she orgasms and I shoot my load, the feeling of warm sticky cum and warm love juice from her pussy flowing around my cock, Moogy Jane collapses on top of me. It was a feeling as well as an experience I will ever forget.