22 Aug 2018

The Naughty Party.

I arrived at the address that I had been given, to be a Barman for the evening, it was a rather snobbish house in Lower Houghton. My car looked rather out of place, a typical student's car, an old Volkswagen Beetle, and their two cars in the driveway were a Porsche 911 and a Mercedes 450SLC. My car parked on the side of the street and my bag of tools and toys for the evening, I made my way to the front door. The door bell rang and the front door is opened by what looked like the Butler, and he screamed," Laura your barman is here." Laura walked down the stairs dressed in a fishnet dress barely covering her body. Laura greeted me, and said, " Wow Billy, just what the party needs. I was dressed in my bright orange board shorts, a tightly fitted V Neck T Shirt and a pair of flip flops on my feet, and my long blonde wavy hair just touching my shoulders. "The Theme of the Party was Naughty Night on The Beach."

Led down towards the bar, which was on the patio area close to the swimming pool, and all my toys packed out,the cork screw, the ice crusher, the shaker, the swivel sticks and last of all the measure to make sure everyone gets the same amount from me. All we needed were the quests for the fun to begin. The quests started to trickle in, the outfits were very interesting, every lady trying their best to outdo the next, even the men were trying to be very revealing walking around with the skimpiest Speedos I had ever seen. Laura walked up to me and handed me an apron, which read on the front "The Whores Barman of The Party."Looking at the wording, I looked at Laura and said, " Is this my outfit for the evening." Laura burst out laughing and said. " Are you to scared to show everything." Off went my board shorts and my T shirt and there I was standing just covered by the apron.The whispering amongst the men and women had just begun, and I could sense that his would not be a normal party at all. The drinks were flowing and the food was been paraded by the topless waiterist. As the evening went on, the fun really began, the ladies were starting to chase the men of their fancy. Into the pool the quests were going, first with their swimwear, and then out they would come with nothing on, and the orgy was in full swing, men and women were kissing and fondling all over the place and oral sex was the order of the evening,you never knew who was meant to be with who.

Laura then walked up to me behind the bar and said, " Billy would you like to join in. " Wondering if she had an eye for me, or was she hoping that she was going to fuck me as she had been flirting with me all evening. Looking at her I said, "The evening is still young and I have work to do." Laura looked at me and said, " No Billy you can't be a square." Laughing and looking at Laura, I said, "A square is definitely not me, you will see." At that moment a lady walked up to the bar, and ordered a cocktail, which she had been drinking all evening, when Laura said, come on Julie try something new, "Like Sex on the Beach." Julie looked more surprised than shocked when I said, "We cannot do that as there are no waves in this garden. Laura burst out laughing and said, "Nothing slow about you Billy. " Having mixed Julie's cocktail and poured it into a cocktail glass, Julie and Laura walked away from the bar to mingle with other quest. Thinking have I messed up, little did I know what was to follow. The night had just about gone, it was almost midnight and my shift had almost come to an end, and there was no sign of any of the guests leaving, The drinks were flowing, and the topless waiterist had been shacked up with one of the horny men, him fondling her breasts and his one hand fondling on her pussy every now and then, and she fondling on his cock. When Julie walked in the direction of the bar again, but still with her cocktail in her had, she said, " Billy did I not drop my ear ring when I was here a few minutes ago..Looking on the counter I could not see anything, When Julie walked around the counter and made as if she was looking for her ear ring on the floor, when she suddenly grabbed hold of my cock with her one hand and said, just what I wanted to do all evening, get my hands all over your body. Still on her knees Julie lifted her head and started to suck on my cock. First the tip of her tongue licking on the head of my cock and her tongue opening the slit on the head of my cock. Down goes my hands on her head, and in goes my cock into her mouth, I started to mouth fuck Julie, when Laura walked over to the bar and asked , " Billy have you seen Julie." Looking at Laura, I said no, she left the bar with you. Looking more guilty, and hoping Laura would walk away from the bar so Julie could carry on sucking my cock and me hopefully cumming in her mouth as she had beg me to. Laura just stayed put at the bar.

Laura then got off her stool and walked around to the back of the counter, only to see Julie on her knees, and said, " So here you are sucking on Billy's cock, you cheating Whore." Laura then pushed Julie's head a side and grabbed hold of my cock squeezing it tight with her hand, and said, " So this will be mine for the rest of the evening." Laura's husband then walked up to the bar and said, " Just where I thought the two of you would be, fighting over a cock again." With most of the guests already gone and it closer to two in the morning, he gave me an envelope which was my money for the evening. Laura and her husband Selwyn sat down and had a drink with me, while Julie said she would be off home. My drink was finished and all my toys back in the bag, I thanked them both for the evening, and left for home, which was the residence at Hotel School. Just like normal my car was about to embarrass me as it would not start again.

Battling to start my Beetle, when Selwyn walked out the house and helped me start my Beetle, with the Beetle started Selwyn went inside. As I approached the Stop sign, came a car from the opposite direction. As I stoped, the car stopped next to me it was Julie. She asked me if I would like to follow her so we could finish our unfinished business.. I followed Julie, she led me to the underground parking of the shopping center. Her car parked in the corner and my car parked next to hers, I got out and Julie got out of her car. Both of us standing between the cars, I asked Julie, " Why here? " Are you not afraid of been seen, when Julie said, "Better here than not at all." Julie dropped to her knees and started to suck on my cock, sucking on my cock for a while, when Julie stood up and lent back on the bonnet of her car, and said, Billy this is what I have been dreaming about all evening, your cock inside me. With the condom rolled on my cock, into her warm wet pussy went my cock. Trusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, and her groaning and me fucking her faster and faster and her getting more and more horny and her fingernails digging deeper and deeper into my back, and me pushing onto her shoulders and my cock been squeezed by her pussy as her legs squeezed over my body and me ready to shoot my load. The condom fulled my warm sticky cum, Julie pulled off the condom and poured the cum into her mouth, swallowing the cum, and with all all the cum swallowed, Julie pulled on her panty, gave me big hug and said, hope to see you soon.