14 May 2018

" In The Bedroom. "

Sally-Anne had just led me into their bedroom, the late afternoon sun was shining through the window, casting a shadow of a tree across the bed, as the sun was peeping through. We were both standing next to the bed, her hand in my hand, and me watching the the sun. Sally-Anne's eyes were glued towards mine, her expression was that of teenage girl, who was ready to have her first kiss behind the classroom door. Her face was full of smiles, and her hands were squeezing mine tighter and tighter, and Sally-Anne pulled my body closer and closer towards hers, finally our bodies were touching, and I could feel her heart beat reverberating against her chest, and the smile on her face pleading for me to fuck her. Surely Sally-Anne could read from my facial expression, that I was wondering would it be safe for the two of us to fuck in her bedroom. As the thought kept going through my head, what would happen if her husband Robyn, walked into the bedroom. Sally-Anne released my hands from the clasped of her hands, moving her hands around the back of my head, and my hands playing with her bum. Sally-Anne whispered in my ear, " I need you Billy," and I could feel her heart beating even quicker than before. My eyes were caught in the spell of her eyes, and I knew all to well that I needed Sally-Anne just as much as she need me.

Sally-Anne was rubbing her finger tips through my hair, and the tip of her tongue was rubbing against the tip of my nose, and back against my lips,we slowly started to kiss, kissing and kissing it was to be, and our body's caught in a vice like grip against each other's. Her heart going putter patter, and mine missing a beat ever now and then, and the adrenaline rushing through our body's. Sally-Anne runs her hand down my chest, and peels off my jacket and lets it fall to the floor. Loosening my shirt buttons one by one, first running her fingers all over my chisel chest, and rubbing her fingers over my nipples, causing my cock to loose control and rubbing against her leg, finally all the shirt buttons were undone, and it falls to the floor. Now I am just standing in my trousers and my shoes. Sally-Anne rubs her tongue all over my chest, and sucking on my nipples, and me playing with her bum, and lifting her dress, only for Sally-Anne to remove my hands to cause her dress to fall down again, to prevent me from playing with her pussy. Sally-Anne slowly runs her tongue right down my chest, and lick on my belly, and slowly drops onto her haunches, and licks my cock which is still hidden by my trousers, feeling how hard it was, Sally-Anne unbuckled my belt, then unbuttoned my trousers, before she unzipped the front of my trousers. Slowly she pulled down my trousers and out sprung my rock hard cock, as I never wear any underwear. Surprised by what had happened, and my rock hard cock staring at her, Sally-Anne screamed....." Just like Joanne had said," a Large Thick Cock you have....."

Grabbing hold my cock with her two hand, rubbing her hands up and down the shaft, and cupping my balls in her hands, Sally-Anne lifts her head and looked straight into my eyes and said, " Much bigger than what I am use to." Rubbing the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft for a while, and finally into her mouth goes the head of my cock. Sucking and sucking on the head of my cock, I could feel her mouth getting tighter and tighter around the head, and her teeth biting on the head, I could feel the flow of cum running up my shaft, and a few drops exiting my cock, Sally-Anne released my cock and walked off to the bathroom. Thinking, was Sally-Anne disgusted with me, or was it just that she needed a pee, with not a sound coming from the bathroom, Sally-Anne returned from the bathroom just dressed in her very skimpy panty and her high heel shoes, and a condom in her one hand. Dropping the condom onto the bed, Sally-Anne flopped onto the bed, on her back, and putting her legs into the air, the invitation was there, so kicking my trousers off, I fell face down onto the bed, and started to suck on her pussy through her panty. As my tongue touched on her pussy, Sally-Anne started to roll all over the bed, me trying to pin her to the bed, so I could continue to suck on her pussy, Sally-Anne yelled, " Billy this is new to me." Slowly I started to run my tongue up and down the inner part of her leg, so that she could get use to the feeling. Sally-Anne then grabbed me by my hair, towards her pussy, I rubbed my tongue up and down her pussy, slowly she pulled her panty to one side, so my lips were right against her pussy. Licking and licking and sucking and sucking on her pussy, was causing Sally-Anne to go wild with desire, arching her back and crossing her legs over my head, so as that my mouth could not be released from her pussy. Pushing my tongue into her pussy, I could feel how moist and warm her pussy really was. Suddenly Sally-Anne grabbed hold of the condom which was lying on the bed, she opened the wrapping, and rolled me over onto my back. Sally-Anne rolled the condom on my rock hard cock, then sucking on my cock for a while, before she straddled her legs over my hips, and rubbing her pussy on the tip of my cock, slowly pushing down on my cock, slowly my cock entered her pussy, with Sally-Anne making a grunt every time my cock went deeper in, with my cock half way in her pussy, Sally-Anne, started to fuck me Cowgirl style. Sally-Anne started to fuck me harder and harder and her moaning louder and louder, I started to fuck her pussy as well, trusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, and her screaming louder and louder and my load of warm sticky cum flooding the tip of the condom. Sally-Anne rolled over onto her back, and onto her pussy went my face again, sucking all the pussy juice from her pussy.

After lying on the bed for a while, we both got dressed, and I made my way home. Driving down the street, coming from the opposite direction was the Black Audi A3 which was Robyn on his way home. Thinking quickly....." How Luck were We....." Getting home Joanne asked me how was my luncheon with Sally-Anne. Smiling, and not having a chance to answer, Joanne said, "Oh no Billy...You beat me to having fun with Sally-Anne." We had many MFF evenings and afternoon. That will be in chapter Three.